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Published:May 1st, 2008 13:32 EST
Speed and Forget About Tickets

Speed and Forget About Tickets

By Krzys Wasilewski

It sounds like a dream for all speed-loving drivers. No matter how fast you go or how many times the police have stopped you, tickets do not bother you any more. They will be taken care of by your insurance company for less than $160 a year.

Troy Simpson has first-hand knowledge about American highways and their users. As a former policeman he had to deal with reckless drivers on a daily basis, writing more tickets than most of his colleagues. Often did it happen that he fined the same people within 24 hours. Even if some of them accused him of being an obtrusive martinet, Mr. Simpson carried out his orders neither too rigorously nor ill-intentionally. He was simply doing his job. “A ticket is written every two seconds in America,” he told Fox News.

Long before he retired, Troy Simpson had planned in great detail how to subsidize his meager pension. “I knew that the traffic ticket industry — and it is an industry — is a billion-dollar-a-year industry nationally,” he admitted in one interview. His reasoning was simple. Almost every American has at least one car and in his or her life covers dozens if not hundreds of thousands of miles. After a long day at work even the most law-abiding driver may speed on his way home and fall prey to Mr. Simpson's former colleagues. If even healthy people shell out for health insurance for their conscience's sake, then careful drivers may as well buy ticket insurance and make their trips less stressful.

Trafficare International, established by Mr. Simpson in 2007, charges $12.95 per month or $156 annually for its services. On its homepage, visitors can read that the company “represents the hundreds of thousands of guilty drivers who, despite their best efforts, fall victim to this 16 billion dollar monster.” But the purchase of the insurance does not equal complete absolution of one's careless driving. Trafficare International covers all expenses of their clients' moving violations but limits their number to seven per year. The insurance also does not include parking tickets.

Other companies have gone one step farther. TravelSafe Insurance, for example, offers affordable insurance against missing your flight or simply canceling your trip. The price varies and depends on your age and the price of your ticket – from as little as $16 for teenagers up to $160 for customers over 80 years old. The In Ticketing company, on the other hand, “gives peace of mind to concert goers and helps them save money” in case they are unable to attend a gig or event they have already paid for. Steve Weisz, who heads the company, says that his activity has helped the music industry as people now buy tickets more eagerly. “Now they can make an earlier purchase decision rather than potentially miss out on an event.”

According to the latest survey, Americans are more willing to ensure their property rather than themselves. We are living in a dangerous time, say insurance companies, and they gladly let their customers ensure everything they can come up with. Some predict that the hit of 2009 will be soul insurance.


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