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Published:July 2nd, 2008 21:10 EST
Sex For Gas Exchange

Sex For Gas Exchange

By Robert Paul Reyes

With the price of gas so high consumers are going to extreme lengths to obtain the black gold: Siphoning gas from parking lots and speeding away from gas stations without paying.

GasBut a Kentucky woman takes the cake, she traded sex for gasoline:

"A Kentucky woman is facing prostitution charges for allegedly trading sex for gasoline. Angela Eversole, 34, was nabbed last weekend during a police stakeout at a Days Inn, where she allegedly trysted with customer Kenneth Nowak. According to court records, Nowak admitted paying for Eversole`s services, in part, with a $100 Speedway gas card."

Quotation from TheSmokingGun.Com

The Smoking Gun Web site posted her mug shot, and I wouldn`t fill her up if you gave me the deed to a gas station. I know that gas is very expensive, but a woman would have to look like Jessica Alba before I would trade my gas card for sex.

Nowak may have some `splaining to do to his wife:

Wife: Honey let me borrow your gas card, I`m running on empty.

Nowak: I`m sorry honey but I used it to fuel my car.

Wife: Whatcha talking about Willis? You just bought that $100 gas card this morning!

Nowak: OK, you got me. I gave it to some hooker.

I hope things don`t get so bad that we will see soccer Moms at gas stations offering to exchange sex for gas.