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Published:July 20th, 2008 19:23 EST
Robert Allan (  Bobby ?) Sturgell Quits in DISGRACE

Robert Allan ( Bobby ?) Sturgell Quits in DISGRACE

By SOP newswire2

It`s now confirmed. According to a reliable source from a position high-up in the aviation community, one Robert Allan (Bobby) Sturgell recently verbally shared with at least two colleagues the following:

Bobby Sturgell

(1) Sturgell has already given notice that he will be leaving his FAA post as Acting Administrator, by, or in, November 2008; and

(2) current FAA Assistant Administrator For Regions And Center Operations  Ruth Leverenz will be Acting in Sturgell`s absence" which quizzically therefore will make her the Acting, Acting Administrator!

This story was scooped by Quiet Rockland, and first broke Friday, July 18, 2008. As of the date and time of this publication, no other news outlet or blogger has picked it up - but they will. (Sure " Now!). The only media that are sure to NOT pick up the story, are the many aviation websites bought and paid-for by the airline industry, thereby inclined to further cover-up for the many failures of Bobby Sturgell`s awful FAA tenure and regime.

Sturgell`s shamed flight from his job, is corroborated by the 2 recent near-misses at JFK airport, FAA payment of US$100,000 bonuses to every Beavis and Butthead who is willing to say I Was A Teen-Age Air Traffic Controller, and most noticeably, Sturgell`s apparent recent absence at key FAA events. For example, it is reported that in a recent press conference regarding FAA-claimed safety-related changes to exploding fuel tanks, John Hickey (FAA Aircraft Certification Service, Director, AIR-1) spoke for FAA, with apparently no sign of Bobby Sturgell present. Similarly, it is reported that the July 17, 2008 NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign meeting in D.C. was headed by FAA COO Hank Krakowski, and not by Bobby Sturgell.

While we used to ask, Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? - we can now ask Where in the world is Bobby Sturgell?

The answer? "probably pounding the pavement handing out his résumé and doing what he is best at - being an aeromercantile sycophant.

Goodbye, Bobby.

And oh yeah " by the way. Who`s Top Gun  now?