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Published:October 1st, 2008 08:59 EST
White Privilege, A White Submarine Lost At Sea

White Privilege, A White Submarine Lost At Sea

By Vincent Gonzalez


White Privilege

White privilege is this unseen treasure chest of benefits and advantages unknowingly held by whites. It`s no myth that the United States is a multiracial country. There are a multitude of races and cultures that make up the fabric of America. Yet, white privilege, though for the most part considered extinct, lives.


In our society, whites are carefully taught not to recognize white privilege. Instead, they are taught to see themselves as individuals whose moral state depends on their individual moral will; to allow their moral compass to guide them in this ever-changing world.


As it is, white privilege is an elusive subject, with many who recognize it and try to solve it and others who don`t recognize it and can`t even begin to solve it. When you think about it, what is race but a skin color. Though many people may disagree with my rationalization, race doesn`t need to be the determining factor when it comes to daily decisions.


Whites, for the most part are taught to think of their lives as morally neutral, average, and even ideal, they are taught that when they work to benefit others, the general public sees this as work which will allow people of different racial background to be more like "them." As it is, there are many things wrong with this picture, which I don`t want to bore you with an explanation.


As I see it, white privilege has become a "white submarine lost at sea." A subject, which has for the most part been stripped from popular culture. People shriek away from  even identifying the problem because they don`t want to be seen as racist. As I see it, the worst insult you can give to a white person is to call them a racist. So as you can see, it`s no coincidence that many, the majority being whites, try to avoid debates that even hint at racial inequality.


As it is, white privilege serves people of white skin. It allows them to construct an illusion where people of color are unaware of freedom of confidents, helping the white upper class hierarchy keep the power in their hands, even though they have most of it already.