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Published:January 22nd, 2009 13:49 EST
Barack Obama

Barack Obama Will Restore America's Good Name

By Robert Paul Reyes

Yesterday we witnessed the marvelous sight of almost two million American citizens participating in the inauguration festivities. Our long national nightmare is over, the incompetent Bush has left in shame, and President Barack Obama will restore glory and honor to our great nation.

But it wasn`t only in this country that tears of joy flowed copiously, in every corner of the world people rejoiced at the changing of the guard. The peoples of the world danced in the streets, and their leaders issued statements praising Obama.

"World leaders extended their congratulations to Barack Obama Tuesday as he was sworn in as the nation`s 44 president and first black commander-in-chief.

`With your election, the American people has vigorously expressed its faith in progress and in the future, as well as its resolve to have an open, new, strong and caring America, that you embody,` French president Nicolas Sarkozy said in a statement issued just hours after Obama was sworn in.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert also offered his well wishes to the new president, praising him as an inspiration to the rest of the world.

Obama also got some heartfelt praise from anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela, who said his inauguration in Washington has inspired the same sense of hope the world felt when South Africa threw off apartheid and elected its first black president -- Mandela himself."


Obama has the support of the American people and world leaders as he seeks to revive the economy, bring our troops home from Iraq and complete the task of restoring our good name in the international community.

There are two things that Obama can immediately do to accomplish the goal of once again making America the most respected nation in the world. He can order Guantanamo Bay to be shut down, not in a year, but in a matter of days. Gitmo is the antithesis of the Statue of Liberty, it is a hated symbol of American arrogance and imperialism.

President Obama should also immediately instruct his generals to bring our troops home from Iraq not in 16 months, but within six months or less. And not just our combat troops, but most of them.

These would be bold actions, but the American people elected Obama because we know that he is capable of bold and decisive action. Let`s hope that Obama does the right thing.

Today I am proud to be an American, and honored to be a citizen of the world.