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Published:March 6th, 2009 16:58 EST
Monkeys Go Insane At UC Davis Lab

Monkeys Go Insane At UC Davis Lab

By SOP newswire2

UC Davis, U.S. lab monkeys are insane, charges group, confirming "ABC Nightline` video; government documents show nation`s primates killing and hurting themselves and others

Washington, DC " A national research watchdog organization " on the heels
of the "ABC Nightline" airing an undercover video showing mistreatment of
primates in the nation`s largest primate colony " said today it has evidence that the majority of tens of thousands of primates held in labs across the U.S. have gone insane.

The Humane Society of the U.S. undercover video shown Tuesday night showed primates at New Iberia testing lab near Lafayette, N.C. being mistreated byworkers, and acting insane.

SAEN " a watchdog group based in Ohio " said it has internal government
documents to prove it: that the majority of primates, for example, at University of California, Davis experience traumatic pathologies, and they are hurt or killed by their own hands of other primates.

Of 400 primates that died recently, 247 (61 percent) experienced a traumatic pathology of some kind resulting either from self-injury or violent attacks by cage mates. Documents show 83 (20 percent) of the primates had an  appendage amputated, 117 (29 percent) had bite wounds, 105 (26 percent) had major lacerations and 27 of the primates 10 or more traumatic pathologies.

"The UC Davis primates illustrate the problem of insanity in U.S. lab primates," said Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN.  "Most of these animals are literally self-destructing, and the same can be said
of monkeys in other labs."

Internal documents from labs across the U.S. reveal that insanity is rampant.

       * Primates at the Medical College of Virginia are so strung out by drug
addiction experimentation that they lay on the floors of their cages and
clutch their tails.

       * Veterinary records from the University of Minnesota disclose that the
primates rip fur out of their armpits while screaming.

       * Health records from the University of Michigan are self-mutilating and
losing weight due to deranged behavior.

       * University of Wisconsin primates escaped from their cages and attacked
each other.

"The abusive situations for primates across the U.S. are endless," added
Budkie. "And the USDA, as the video at New Iberia and our documents show,
does virtually nothing."