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Published:March 11th, 2009 23:18 EST
America's Emergency Rooms: Quickest way to kill yourself?

America's Emergency Rooms: Quickest way to kill yourself?

By Christopher HIllenbrand

A spokesperson from the Henderson, Nevada Police Department said that officers were forced to shoot a man waving a gun at patients and staff in a hospital ER. The man had been spouting claims that he was going to kill himself before officers took him down.


Todd Rasmussen, the spokesman, recounted to sources that police responded quickly to the emergency call from the St. Rose Dominican Hospital Siena campus early Wednesday morning. The nurse supervisor who made the frantic phone call cried that the man threatened to kill himself with the handgun he dangled before frightened staff members. Upon the officers` arrival, hospital faculty vacated the premises before police engaged the unbalanced danger to himself and others.


They proceeded to order him to drop his pistol several times when the man then pointed his gun at officers to which they fired numerous times. The man was killed instantly from the several gunshot wounds to his chest.


It`s uncertain whether or not the despondent individual actually discharged his weapon at people in the hospital, but the family of the man, whose identity has been kept confidential, also called the police to say he was suicidal.