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Published:March 20th, 2009 11:49 EST
Administrative Judge C. Victor Lander

Dallas Judge Finds Himself In The Hot Seat This Time

By Christopher HIllenbrand

The senior municipal judge presiding over Dallas finds opponents pleading for his resignation after the judge penned a racially discriminating column for a local weekly newspaper.

Administrative Judge C. Victor Lander, who has sat on the bench for twelve years, asked for forgiveness since his article was published in the Dallas Weekly denouncing Caucasians. A brief excerpt from his article describes that "black folks have been cleaning up white folks` messes for hundreds of years."

Administrative Judge C. Victor Lander

What makes the incident more outrageous is that Lander is black. Lander has proclaimed the line was a part of the article he published earlier this month extolling the performance and accomplishments of Dallas` first African-American prosecutor, Craig Watkins.

A boardmember on the Dallas City Council, whose identity has been kept confidential, remains wholly convinced that this is merely a lame attempt to save face. The boardmember has called for the magistrate`s resignation. The Dallas City Council is responsible for appointing the city`s judges, and was instrumental in touting Lander as the right fit for the job.