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Published:March 16th, 2010 15:34 EST
Smoking Will Be Banned in the United States?

Smoking Will Be Banned in the United States?

By SOP newswire2


Smoking should be banned from all public places in the United States. Some states such as New Jersey are already taking action against this horrible crime. One who works at a public place that currently allows smoking should not have to put up with the constant fumes that are hazardous to human health. One should have the freedom to be able to dine out, relax, enjoy recreation, and participate in other leisurely activities in public places without having to pollute their bodies with harmful chemicals from other people`s cigarettes.

Nine out ten high school students that were surveyed by the CDC organization in 2004 say they have been exposed to second-hand smoke in the past seven days; over 65,000 people die each year in the United States from inhaling second-hand smoke and have never touched a cigarette in their life.

Second-hand smoke, if inhaled is proven to have almost the exact same effect as smoking a cigarette. If one decides to smoke and put harmful chemicals in his or her body is his or her choice; one should not have be forced to breathe harmful chemicals if they do not wish to!

Another life-threatening circumstance besides second-hand smoke would be a roaring fire! Everyone deserves to be safe and protected from harmful disasters such as fires. Many objects are flammable and can be ignited by an accidentally dropped or forgotten cigarette. Cigarettes are the leading cause of fire deaths in the world!

One should definitely be protected from the dangers of cigarettes, especially in public places in the U.S.A.

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