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Published:April 24th, 2009 16:06 EST
Tony Parker and [Nicolas] Sarkozy Verses Me and President Obama

Tony Parker and [Nicolas] Sarkozy Verses Me and President Obama

By SOP newswire2

I don`t want the CIA to throw me behind bars for blocking [him]. "

Before Mario Lopez sat down with Kobe Bryant for a laid-back and fun interview that included Kobe`s Hollywood future, his best Jack Nicholson impersonation, and his plans to hit the court with the President, Kobe put Mario`s b-ball skills to the test.  He ran him through the same drills Kobe`s wife Vanessa passes with flying colors and let`s just say the interview went much better than the practice session.
During the Presidential campaign, Kobe sent a pair of custom shoes to President Obama, but admitted that he`d be nervous to play the avid hoopster one-on-one. It`d be cool to play a one-on-one game with him [but] I`d rather play a two-on-two game and have him be on the same team. I don`t want the CIA to throw me behind bars for blocking President Obama, " he laughs. Kobe admits that while he doesn`t want to get political, a little Team France vs. Team USA might be fun. Make it a global game of two-on-two. Tony Parker and [Nicolas] Sarkozy verses me and President Obama. "
While he may be phased by going one-on-one with Barack, he`s not starstruck when there are more stars courtside than on a red carpet. "It`s a great feeling because you have so much respect for what they do. Just the other game, Diane Keaton was there. I just think the world of her. I think she`s one of the greatest actresses of all time. So, I had to lean over and tell her that...This is during the game. She`s sitting right next to my bench. It`s a tremendous honor to see [actors]," Bryant explains.  As for the most famous Laker fan, Jack Nicholson, Kobe comments, He is incredibly tough on the refs "Yesterday you saw the Shining come out in him.  The eyebrows came up. He was on top of the refs from start to finish. "
At last night`s Lakers game, Jack praised Kobe`s acting skills telling Extra`s " Carlos Diaz that he is one of the best actors in the NBA. "  Just don`t expect him to cast Kobe in his next flick " according to Nicholson, he`s too tall! "
If Kobe does go Hollywood, he might just head for Miami, CSI: Miami " that is, I can`t act for anything, so I can just be walking around in the background...That`s probably my favorite show."
Although Bryant is far from retiring, when asked about his plans once he does hang up his high tops, he says, "I really enjoy marketing and advertising actually. It`s a passion of mine. Maybe I`ll get into that."   Just don`t expect to see him on Dancing With the Stars " ever. They`re not gassing me up. No I`m not doing it. No I`m not doing it. "
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