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Published:October 26th, 2009 16:01 EST
President Obama Encouraged to See the Real Arcadia on Trip to Florida

President Obama Encouraged to See the Real Arcadia on Trip to Florida

By SOP newswire2

National Communications Network says economic stress is burden on small town.

(PRNewsChannel) / October 26, 2009 / Arcadia, Fla. / President Obama will visit central Florida`s rural city of Arcadia on Tuesday to celebrate the grand opening of a new solar plant, but we are hoping he takes the time to look around town for a brief view of the devastating living conditions in Arcadia`s Southwest district.

We`re hoping for new assistance for a greater quality of life for Arcadia`s residents.

The structural devastation of Arcadia and other quality of life declines are due to economic losses present in most black communities across the country since integration.

"The President can celebrate the new solar plant as an advance for Arcadia but without looking around the town, he`ll be missing the real story happening here," says Lonnie Ward, Jr., president of National Communications Network.

We (National Communications Network) are producing television specials on many of these communities and we are encouraging aggressive planning for their recovery.

Lonnie Ward, Jr.
President, NCN
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