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Published:October 29th, 2009 14:20 EST
The Death of Christianity in America

The Death of Christianity in America

By SOP newswire2

 Studies report a ten percent drop in those self-identifying as Christians in under twenty years. What caused this? Is it still happening? Can it be stopped? Is the death of Christianity in America near at hand?
These are the questions that Christian apologist Anthony Horvath is exploring in a free course offered through Athanatos Christian Ministry`s Online Apologetics Academy. In 2006, Anthony had announced his belief that the Church itself is creating atheists, receiving national attention. Today, the claim wouldn`t be controversial at all, as it would appear that his claim has been vindicated.

He points to the ARIS survey released in the last six months that shows that some 68% of `religious nones` were actually believers at age 12.

Anthony asserts, "We`re talking about millions of people that the Church had in its midst who are now lost to her. In the same time period in which self- identified Christians dropped ten percent, the percentage of `religious nones` almost doubled."

Athanatos Christian Ministries has been studying the problem and has realized that it is easier to keep people in the faith than it is to win them back. As such, it has crafted programs aimed at equipping the Church. These include the online academy, which begins its fall 2009 session the week of Nov 2nd.

The `Death of Christianity` course is offered free of charge with the hopes that Christians will band together to discuss the problems- and potential solutions. This course is based on the content located at and encourages discussion.

All courses are held online and the tuition, if any, is extremely affordable.

The course page for the fall session is located at

Here is the academy`s current schedule:

Nov 2. Basic New Testament Greek Part 1
Nov 2. Reliability of the New Testament Documents
Nov 2. Origins: A Survey
[Creationism/Evolution/Intelligent Design]
Nov 4. Jesus According to... [Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus ...]
Nov 4. Studies in Atheism
Nov 9. The Death of Christianity [FREE!]
Nov 16. Christ Promised in the Old Testament
Nov 23. Hitler and Christianity [FREE!]
Nov 30. Study in Alleged Bible Contradictions
Nov 30. Basic New Testament Greek Part 2

Athanatos Christian Ministry`s Executive Director is Anthony Horvath. Reach him for questions or comments at or 608-738-3058.

ACM also offers a Christian Writing Contest which is accepting entries.

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