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Published:November 12th, 2009 19:11 EST
Islam in America: Are the two Conducive?

Islam in America: Are the two Conducive?

By Daniel Marsche

St. Petersburg, FL " There is an undeniable stigma associated with the Muslim faith and the citizens of Islamic nations residing in the United States. Growing numbers of Americans are becoming less and less tolerant of the Mohammedians in spite of our First Amendment Rights as they pertain to our freedoms of religion. In fact, what can be found by merely asking a family member, neighbor or colleague, is an increasing consensus amongst Americans that citizens of Muslim and/or Islamic backgrounds and affiliations should not be allowed to attain government positions or benefits. Nor should they be allowed to spread what is interpreted as their homeland violence in the United States. It is a touchy issue for many. Americans will acknowledge that a majority of their fellow citizens are thinking the same thing, but they will also refuse to be quoted or speak out directly for the sake of political correctness and accusations of bigotry.

Only information can bridge the conspicuous gap that separates Americans from the understanding of the Islamic plight. Within the modern psyche of the average United States citizen is ingrained a less than stellar image of Muslims and the nation of Islam. All remember the horrific events and tragedies of September 11, 2001. Many remember the kidnapping and beheading of Daniel Pearl. Most recall the Muslims` denial of the Jewish holocaust ofWWII. None of the aforementioned incidents have lent themselves to a healthy American image of the Islamic faith, and now we are being confronted with the most recent tragedy involving a Muslim psychiatrist and a murderous rampage in Fort Hood, Texas. This Islamist`s faith-related violence cost the lives of 13 American soldiers and one unborn child. This Islamist`s faith-related violence took place on American soil on a military base. Where is the great ambassador of the Muslim world? Where is the peace-loving, upstanding member of this mysterious faith that can quell the pervading mistrust that the American people harbor? Is he or she perhaps avoiding an affiliation with the predominate stigma associated with their religion?

Without understanding, the dismal, American perception of the Islamic faith will continue, and it will perhaps, one day, bring forth the consideration of amending the American Constitution in order to exclude certain faiths from the protections provided under our First Amendment rights. It is a frightening thing to consider, but no more preposterous than the marriage protection laws that former President Bush wanted to impose during his administration. Do we want to be compromised as a nation due to a lack of understanding? Do we, as a nation, wish to be made to forsake our culture in order to accommodate another culture that has provided no forthright invitation to comprehend its purposes and belief systems? Is the Islamic culture even conducive with American ideals?

We linger in mystery, and many of us do so silently owing to the stigma that would be associated with either our sympathy or opposition. However, we are Americans with voices and purposes and a culture that by name should be UNITED. The social rift that we now abide is intolerable to the very nature of our nation. We deserve answers. We deserve the opportunity to be provided with information and understanding. We deserve to remain Americans without compromise or apologies. We possess the power to demand that OUR needs be met and that OUR best interests be reflected in the actions of OUR government. Let`s band together to close the divide, America. Let`s make it known that our nation, our safety, our liberties and our culture are non-negotiable. Let`s unite and demand from our senators a forum for understanding and end the suspicions, anxieties and fears associated with Islam and the Muslim faith. We deserve an explanation; our government is obliged to provide it. Let`s heal our nation together. Please take the time to express your concerns to your senator at:  We can find peace again. We can live beyond the fear.

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I wonder if Mr. Marsche is aware of how many U.S. Presidents, Government Officials, American Icons have been (and are) Muslim Shrines "The Shriners are a group of advanced-level Freemasons organized for philanthropy and fun. It was started in the 1870s in New York. The group has rites and costumes that include the well-known red fez