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Published:November 25th, 2009 20:20 EST
The Erosion of Christmas? Better Make that Explosion!

The Erosion of Christmas? Better Make that Explosion!

By Geoff Dean

 The God Squad? A sequel to a lame 1970`s TV drama? A mobster organization associated with powerful clerics? A Middle Eastern terorrist group similar to the "Party of God" or "Army of God"? Actually, it is a bit more mundane, as Terry Hodges points out in a recent article on "The Erosion of Christmas". A group of carpenters and volunteer nativity scene builders.

 Is Christmas eroding? I can`t vouch for Chicago but it sure isn`t eroding here in Tokyo. Christmas is everywhere, shops decorated, trees lit up, station plazas illuminated, houses festooned, presents bought, cakes and roast chickens eaten, carols on every shopping street loudspeaker, and so on, ad infinitum. Christmas is a holiday now celebrated by virtually all Japanese and for virtually all, without religious meaning. Talk about Xmas.

 Fortunately, Chicagoans have put their foot down and refused to let the holiday go uncelebrated. Erecting a nativity scene in a public "government" square, Daley Square to drop names, was a stroke of genius. After all, in the US, we have religious freedom. Our nation was founded on Christian principals (well, Deist principals at least). We will not have pesky groups like the ACLU and the American Jewish Congress get in our way of observing the holiday in a suitably aggressive and in your face way.

 Thank you, God Squad. Let the "Gloria in excelsis Deos" ring out! Just one thing, if you don`t mind. Before Christmas, there is Hannukah. I`d like a massive Menorah and some larger than life dreidels in Daley Square. America is a Judeo-Christian country, you know. You are putting up the Nativity scene too soon. Twelve days of Christmas should be enough, right? I`d like a major Kwanzaa display, too.

 We need to get something going for Buddha`s Birthday and Ramadan, too. Americans have freedom of religion which, of course, means freedom to put their religious symbols in public squares, your senstivities and mine be damned. We need to leave the space empty at times, too, to recognize the athiests among us. I`m not sure what to do for pagans and witches, but we`ll have to come up with something. What was that, Sir? Not with my program any more?

 Well, I`m sorry, then but the Nativity scene will have to be taken off public property. You see, we are the people, not just you.