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Published:January 18th, 2010 13:24 EST
Would the Founding Fathers be Proud of the United States Today?

Would the Founding Fathers be Proud of the United States Today?

By SOP newswire2

Would the founding fathers be proud of the United States today? Debut author R.M. Trowbridge, Jr., doesn`t think so. In his new book, Reclaiming National Sanity: Our Nation Under God (published by iUniverse), Trowbridge credits the current strife impacting the United States to the nation`s leaders who are using power for their own benefit, not to serve the people.

In Reclaiming National Sanity, Trowbridge urges readers to revert to the principles the founding fathers included in the constitution. He explains the dire need for the country to invest in regenerative principles - honesty, purity, unselfishness and love - in order to regain the nation`s footing. The book emphasizes self- observation and practices that produce change and which practices are needed for a specific change.

Founding Fathers

According to Trowbridge, the United States` current condition is the product of the degenerative principles of dishonesty, impurity, selfishness, and unlovingness. There is no blurred line between regenerative and degenerative; put simply, if one isn`t following regenerative principles they are inherently practicing degenerative ones. He says adhering to regenerative principles is a personal journey for each person to figure out for themself and the hardest part is `remembering to remember` the principles daily.

"I am attempting to show that if a person practices degenerative principles prior to assuming a leadership position in government or in personal life, then the government will inherit those same principle practices, not just babble. When people babble, they talk about that which they are not doing. If you do it, you know it, the principle that is, and if you don`t do it, you babble about it. The babbler never sees themselves as a non-doer... I have found that credibility is not established by intellectual knowledge of principles but the practice of those principles. Intellectual, institutionally degreed knowledge is good for earning a living; however, if unapplied it is only babble - not credibility."

About the Author

R.M. Trowbridge, Jr. has a bachelor`s in earth sciences and minor in geography. He is retired but previously owned and operated a geological consulting service, Trowbridge Sample Service. Their samples logs are copyrighted geological works in the Library of Congress and used in the settlement of geological disputes in law suits.

Reclaiming National Sanity
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ISBN: 9781440167966 · 6 x 9 · Paperback · 65 pages · $10.95