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Published:April 19th, 2010 19:14 EST
Florida House to Vote NO on Abortion Ban?

Florida House to Vote NO on Abortion Ban?

By SOP newswire2


Dear Judyth,

As we write to you the Florida House of Representatives is preparing to vote on an amendment to ban private insurance plans from covering abortion.  This amendment goes farther than any other law in the nation by banning ALL insurance plans sold in the state from providing insurance coverage for abortions, whether a plan is offered through an exchange established by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or a plan that an individual or employer already holds.  This amendment does not even offer the option of a rider or separate premium to purchase abortion coverage. 

This means that the state of Florida is willing to do what the federal government promised not to do, taking away health care coverage that citizens in this state currently have now.

Call Representative Deborah Mayfield at (850) 488-0952 and urge them to oppose the abortion ban amendment to HB 885. Tell the person that answers the phone:

  • I urge Rep. Mayfield to oppose the abortion ban amendment to HB 885, filed by Reps. Gaetz, Dorworth and Plakon.
  • As filed, this amendment denies women the ability to obtain insurance coverage, even with their own private dollars, that includes abortion coverage.
  • The government should not dictate personal, private medical decisions, nor interfere with the private insurance market.
  • The legislature has the opportunity to prevent unintended pregnancies in Florida by supporting the Prevention First Act and Healthy Teens Act.

The Florida legislature has a history of interfering with the personal decisions of a woman and her doctor, while doing nothing to reduce the need for abortion by preventing unintended pregnancies.


Now more than ever we need to make a stand. We are asking all of our activists to phone their State Representative and ask them to vote against this dangerous amendment. Help us act before it is too late!


Thank you for your action,


Stephanie Kunkel