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Published:May 6th, 2010 14:17 EST
Pakistani Taliban Behind Times Square Attack?

Pakistani Taliban Behind Times Square Attack?

By SOP newswire2

After two days of questioning Faisal Shahzad, the suspect behind a plot to set off a car bomb in Times Square on Saturday, U.S. officials are increasingly confident that elements of the Pakistani Taliban provided him with training in the months before the attack. One official cautioned that, while no final determination had been made, "plausible links" existed between Shahzad and the group. The Pakistani Taliban had released a video claiming responsibility for the attack on Sunday.

Shahzad reportedly made a practice run the day before the attack, driving down to Times Square in an attempt to find a location to set off the explosion. He then parked his Isuzu several blocks away from Times Square, and returned the next day with the explosives-laden sports utility vehicle. He intended to use the first car as an escape vehicle -- a plan that was thwarted when he left the keys to the Isuzu in the SUV, which he believed was set to explode.

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