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Published:May 7th, 2010 21:40 EST
Country Music Superstar Kevin Montgomery Paying it Forward in Nashville

Country Music Superstar Kevin Montgomery Paying it Forward in Nashville

By SOP newswire2

Born down in a deadman`s town, the first kick I took was when I hit the ground, end up like a dog that`s been beat too much, `til you spend half your life justa coverin` up now, I was born in the USA " " " "those are the words that have been rattling around in my brain the past couple of days.

Nashville, the city of my birth, is under water, and it is seems to be largely ignored by the national press. Reports are starting to leak out slowly, but I`m sorry it is not enough. So many of my friends on Facebook from around the country are responding to my posts by saying, I had no idea! " 29 people have died, and the death toll will rise i`m sure. I have close friends that have been affected. One just moved from LA and lost his condo. Another friend lost his life`s collection of vintage guitars at Soundcheck Studios-a large rehearsal/storage unit that tragically is located right next to the Cumberland River. Paul Deakin from The Mavericks and my band the Roadtrippers stores his vintage drums there. I`m hearing that Vince Gill had his equipment stored there as well. The site is inaccessible still, but the pictures of Soundcheck are not promising.
Watch this video of a house floating down I-24 in Nashville before it smashes to bits against partially submerged cars and semi-trucks.

There are some heroes emerging from the chaos. My friend Wendy Simpkins Dyes formed a Facebook group called Pay It Forward Nashville " and has been working tirelessly to connect folks in Nashville. It is a simple concept-connect those who can help with those who need help. Tennessee is full of rolling hills, so obviously there are some dry spots, so this is quickly becoming a group that is making a difference. Just yesterday I followed a developing story on the group page-a woman could not get in touch with her elderly parents, and within an hour or so " " "with the help of other members the parents were located. They had fled their house without their cell phones, and like most of us couldn`t recite their daughter`s phone number without referencing their phones!

So, getting back to the End up like a dog that`s been beat too much " lyric by Springsteen " " " "..guess who lost his home in the floods this week? Danny Tate. If you`ve been watching this space for the past month or so you would have read about my passion for Danny`s plight. The man has faced struggle after struggle. He is in the legal battle of his life with his brother and the Nashville courts, and just when things were starting to look up " " "Nashville floods and he loses his remaining possessions. I spoke to him as the water rose until he was on his bed with his dog, cat, and computer.

Most of you might not be aware that while speaking to Nicole Sandler on The Nicole Sandler on monday- where he showed legal acumen, good humor, and grace " ".he was standing in a foot of water with what is left of his possessions floating around him. His prize Martin guitar was ruined in three feet of water in his studio. The man is being tested.

Great men rise out of situations like this, and Danny showed me today that he is a great man.
We are having an Awareness Concert on May 23rd, 2010 to shine light on Danny`s plight. We have already sold 45 tickets. People answered my call last week to buy tickets to help defer Danny`s legal costs when Judge Kennedy refused to release Danny`s funds to pay his attorney to defend him. Many sent checks to Michael as well. Then, after 10 Friends for Danny Tate`s Defense " members showed up to support Danny in court last week " ".the judge released the funds.

So, moving forward Danny has asked that proceeds from the concert go to another victim/or victim of the Nashville flood. Here is an email that I sent out to the people that had already purchased tickets:

Hey everyone! I hope that you are fairing well in the floods. Most of you will already know this, but Danny was flooded out of his house during the Nashville floods. As if he didn`t already have enough on his plate!

Anyway, due to the overwhelming nature of the floods on the Nashville community, and in light of Judge Randy Kennedy releasing the funds to Danny`s attorney Michael Hoskins we would like to shift the focus of the use of the ticket money from paying his attorney`s fees.

Danny feels that he would like to give the money to a deserving flood victim. We will now seek that person out. Hopefully we will find that person within the Friends for Danny Tate`s Defense " group. We are awaiting the stories of need to emerge.

I just wanted to be inform you of that shift in focus. If you have a problem with this money being diverted to flood relief, then please email me, and I will make sure your portion is received by Michael G. Hoskins.

I think this shift speaks volumes about Danny Tate. Because of Judge Randy Kennedy`s refusal to let him out of the conservatorship last week " "Danny will very likely be broke, and without a place to live on May 25th, although free " ".yet he wishes to give what money is raised at the Awareness show to another flood victim-selfless.

Let`s show up for Danny on May 23rd. Please make it your mission to bring 4 or 5 people with you, and also earmark May 24th and 25th for coming to the court in support of Danny. He will need us, and it will help.


Kevin Montgomery

So, there you another example of why i`m passionate about Danny`s plight. We have 19 days to make a difference in the rest of Danny`s life. Let`s unite for him, and let`s help someone who has been seriously affected by the floods. Ideas? Push someone forward. We want to hear your stories.

While writing this blog post I got an instant message from Peter Holsapple from REM and the dbs-he is coming from North Carolina to appear at the Awareness Concert! I`m really fired up about that, and I know Robert Reynolds from The Mavericks is as well. He will be appearing as well, and when I mentioned that Peter might come he flipped out, and said, man, if he comes I`ll play bass for him! I`m a huge fan of his solo stuff. I know all his songs by heart! "

When I informed Billy Block today of the shift in focus " " ".he said he had some things up his sleave as well. I really hope it will be a night of healing for Nashville, and the beginning of the end of Danny`s long battle to gain his basic civil rights back.

This is getting more and more exciting. I`m proud to know Danny, and am learning alot from him. Mark May 23rd on your calendar. And, RSVP for the court hearings on May 24th and 25th as well. 10 people showed up last time, and it made a huge difference.

Please spread the word on what is going on with the Nashville flood. People need help and prayers. Please share this post!