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Published:July 12th, 2010 23:33 EST

Heated Debate Over The Nature Of Islam

By SOP newswire2

Heated debate over the nature of Islam is overshadowing plans to build a mosque in northeast Temecula.

Critics, including the pastor of a church next to the mosque site, say the worship center is a bad fit for the area. They`re also concerned with what they describe as Islam`s extreme agenda of expansion.

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The Islamic Center of Temecula Valley`s imam, or prayer leader, said his group is peaceful and only seeks more room to serve its members. And the civil rights manager for a Muslim-American advocacy group said the mosque`s critics are ignorant, if not bigoted . . .

"When churches decide to expand or build facilities, what`s the purpose behind that?" asked Affad Sheikh, civil rights manager with the Greater Los Angeles Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. "Why is this question being asked of the Muslim community?" (More)


By Casey Seiler, Times Union, 7/11/10

. . . In a letter to his Democratic opponent, Lazio said that the people of New York need more answers about where the $100 million for the project was coming from, and noted that Rauf had passed up an opportunity to denounce the Palestinian group Hamas as a terrorist organization. Lazio also alluded to Rauf`s involvement with the Perdana Global Peace Organization, a primary donor to the Free Gaza Movement, which has attempted to provide humanitarian aid to Palestinians in violation of Israel`s naval blockade.

Do any of the above constitute probable cause for an investigation? Only if you think the development of a mosque deserves greater law enforcement scrutiny than the construction of a church or synagogue, or if you think people who utilize their First Amendment rights should be barred from building things in Lower Manhattan. (More)


The Daily News Journal, 7/10/10

A group formed in support of the rights of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro will rally on the Public Square as a way to counter a protest march against the center on Wednesday.

Middle Tennesseans for Religious Freedom is organizing the event in response to local resident Kevin Fisher`s plans to lead a march on Main Street to the County Courthouse (More)