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Published:August 9th, 2010 10:48 EST
Mosque Support is Treason says  Ed Rodgers

Mosque Support is Treason says Ed Rodgers

By SOP newswire2

In his latest blog, Ed Rodgers explains why he feels American supporters of the the Ground Zero Mosque are guilty of treason. Refuting the most common arguments supporters like Mayor Bloomberg have given, Ed Rodgers, author of 8 books, lays out the facts to support his case.

Rodgers explains why the "religious freedom" argument fails the logic test and why the real issue is America`s security. Outlining the purpose, use, and symbolism of Islamic mosques, he makes his case that this project is in reality a monument to the victory on 9-11. The mosque`s imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf is quoted as saying that U.S. policies made them an accessory to the 9-11 attacks. This and his failure to answer a host of important questions, such as the funding source of the mosque should raise a huge red flag.

Many of the facts Rodgers presents came from his latest book, Islam and the Last Days, which details, among other things, what mosques are really all about and why Americans should be concerned. You can read his blog at

Ed can also be reached at

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