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Published:August 30th, 2005 11:42 EST
Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


Hurricane Season and Flooding

Statistics from the National Flood Insurance Program

Hurricane Season 2004

The 2004 hurricane season was the most costly in history. Five hurricanes hit the United States, four of which struck Florida including the first Category 4 since Andrew in 1992. States all along the Eastern United States were affected by the storms, including major inland flooding damage along the Appalachian mountain chain.

Hurricane Season 2005

Since 1995, the Atlantic has seen dramatic hurricane activity. For the next few decades, we are expected to be in a cycle of increased hurricane activity (NOAA) and 2005 looks to be no exception.

Key 2004 Hurricane Flood Insurance Statistics (Source: National Flood Insurance Program)

2004 Hurricane Season Flood Insurance Claims Paid to Date (June 1 "November 30):

  • Total Hurricane Season Claims Paid to Date " Nearly $1.4 Billion

  • Claim Payments by Hurricane

    Hurricane Charley $50,749,988
    Hurricane Fran $154,465,887
    Hurricane Ivan $1,021,156,750
    Hurricane Jeanne $78,275,615
    Hurricane Gaston $4,747,639
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