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Published:October 6th, 2005 17:46 EST
Made By Mankind-- this can be the answer to the question Who did it?

Made By Mankind-- this can be the answer to the question Who did it?

By Ann Poludenko

Did what? When you check the summary of news at the end of the week, you can be sure that humanity found one more way to destroy itself. While we are killing each other in wars, we also kill ourselves by damaging and interfering with Mother Nature. Many scientists believe that some air pollutions have begun to change the climate around the world; they say that greenhouse effect and acid rain were just the first warnings of the changes in nature. Factory discharges, rocket launches, an ever increasing use of world`s natural resources are major contributing factors in creating hurricanes, floods and typhoons.

It`s not ok to see that: In New Orleans, in the chaos caused by the hurricane, a six-year-old boy taking care of younger children; In China, the quantity of  Talim " typhoon victims is more than 102 persons; In Japan, 100 flights were canceled because of the Namibi " typhoon; not knowing what to do after such crises. It`s important to know how to respond in case of emergency situations.

In Ukraine, the number for mobile-phones is 112. It is available no matter where you are.  

The Red Cross Organization also arranges rescue operations. They are ready to give first aid and refuge, to save and care for victims, and give them psychological help. The address of national committee is:

01004 Kiev, st. Pushkinska 30,

tel: (044) 235-01-57

fax (044) 246-56-58


The governmental on-the-fly rescue subdivisions are always ready to be the protection of the citizenry in any case that threatens their lives.

Ukraine, Kiev,

St. O.Gonchara 55

tel: + 38 (044) 247-32-11


We should never forget  that our planet is our common home and the problems of one country can turn into global ones. Let`s better think over everything we do and take some measures to reduce the damage to our planet. Maybe this way she won`t be so "angry with us ".