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Published:January 26th, 2006 04:20 EST
The Deep Freeze in Ukraine

The Deep Freeze in Ukraine

By Ann Poludenko

Today is the first day of “normal winter temperature” in Ukraine– about 15 degrees below zero. From January 14, winter temperatures have stayed under 21 degrees. Theses cold days reveal the two most popular places for spending time: cafes and skating-rings. 

What is impossible to change is necessary at least to explain– Reiner Fassbinder once said so. “Humans are unique beings. Sometimes we do crazy things without realizing it. At times, there are doctors on all the TV channels asking people “not to leave homes unless it is a vital necessity”.

Mornings on most of the Ukrainian websites read, “the total quantity of people that died from overcooling is 80” (this information was on the January 25, 2006). When the Ministry of Education counseled lessons for junior students... still, most people prefer skating-rings staying home. This cannot be changed but can be described and thought over.

Let’s start with the obvious: people do not want to stay in their homes because it is often not warm enough in most of them- the cause is the gas crisis in Ukraine. Some districts are not heated at all- the reason is the low temperature that caused breaks in the regional hitting systems.

An opinion: it is too petty that very little quantity of people have fireplaces-- everything that is “classic” is not “old fashioned decoration stuff”.

Why are cafes so popular? Its warm there; the most crowded these days are the ones with that have “old decoration stuff” called fireplaces.

“The more people– the hotter the discussion”. This is true– in hot discussions people forget about how cold it is outside. ‘Who cares about it being 21 degrees outdoors, when these guys do not agree that penguins are birds?” 

In most cafes, people can order different hot drinks, such as green tea with plums and peaches, and hot chocolate and coffee with cinnamon. Not every one has a home stocked with such an arsenal of multi-tasting warm beverages.

Let us see what is going on at the skating-ring. Why not to sit on the sofa wrapped in blankets at home, is that better than… this?

Neither Kate-- who has just completed a pirouette, nor Andrei-- who has just stumbled and… fell, seem to feel cold. Sports are really a great way for everyone to warm up when you are cold.

The smartest decisions are made from both warnings, self-experience, and advice from those who have tested everything on themselves.
Stay warm, stay healthy.