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Published:February 15th, 2006 13:07 EST
Punxsutawney Phil: U.S. has six more weeks of winter

Punxsutawney Phil: U.S. has six more weeks of winter

By Laurie Salem

It was just the other day that we saw the streets and the sidewalks being covered with fluffy, white snow. Not only was the snow thick, but the winds made it difficult to see through the stuff. For those fortunate enough to be able to remain inside, there were still the ones who were still at work when this storm showed up. We were starting to believe that maybe we would have a winter with no snow. Well, at least not a significant amount of snow. But Saturday night, we believed that when the Groundhog said six more weeks of winter, he was right.

Forecasted to receive between two and eight inches of snow, I was shocked to see that nearly fifteen inches had fallen. I was even planning a few days locked behind doors, awaiting the departure of the snow, courtesy of the salt trucks. However, by early Sunday evening it was evident that I would not be behind closed doors for long. By Monday, the sun was shining and temperatures had increased, melting the troublesome snow away. Now it appears that there was no snow storm at all. Highs reached 56 degrees today, with the sun feeling unusually warm, for it to be the winter season. In fact, that can be said about the past winter months. Most of the time, we were experiencing warmer climates, while during the fall, temperatures sunk to the teens. While we are enjoying this weather, we need to realize that it is still winter time and although it feels like we should be wearing shorts and tee shirts, we cannot; for Mr. Groundhog has declared six more weeks of winter.