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Published:November 26th, 2006 05:28 EST
Storm Chasing In The U.S.

Storm Chasing In The U.S.

By Denise Kaminsky

As I was going through some old photos that I found in a box tucked away in my closet. I had stumbled across some photos that I had taken during the 1990's nor-eastern storm that I had the joy of experiencing. Well, it was inevitable considering that I lived on the shore one block from the Atlantic ocean.

It was a long night of candles burning and listening to the wind whistle, whipping along the side of the house. To break away from being bored, I grabbed my camera, went out into the cold, wind and rain to take some photos. I got to a main street across from the ocean and watched huge waves wash away parts of the boardwalk and street.

As the tide came in, people who lived in the area were tossing out sand bags to help eliminate possible damage to homes. All of us helped.

I watched and took some photos of a fishing club bungalow at the end of a pier get picked up by a huge wave and taken into the ocean. For weeks after the storm, fishing poles and parts of the bungalow were found along the shore for 5-10 miles south of where it once stood.

We managed to the make it to the inlet to watch the crashing waves still pound the shore. It turned out to be a social late night all considering. An elderly couple brought out some coffee, and a battery operated radio to hear updates. The next thing we knew it was daylight, the storm had settled and gone out to sea leaving a lot of damage, luckily no one was hurt.

The sun then came up, it was peaceful, despite the damage. A new day dawned.