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Published:April 25th, 2007 05:24 EST
Spring (and love) is in the air!

Spring (and love) is in the air!

By Peter Giordano

Take a step out into your back yard.  If you live in an apartment complex or don’t have a big enough backyard, take your dog, or yourself  for a walk to the park.  Look down below and to your feet, admire the healthy green grass.  Better yet, take a closer look at the buds on the trees that surround you.  The apples and cherries that make up this beautiful foliage are all set to burst out on the scene.  Old man Winter has won most of the battles fought thus far this short-lived year, but Lady Spring has officially arrived for the month of May.

Okay, so what if there was a wet Christmas this year instead of a white one.  Much of the nation greeted Christmas and the New Year with open arms, the temperatures rose to an all time high.  Thus, you knew it was coming.  Al Gore’s caution in the seriousness of global warming came true for most parts of the country, but you knew what lied ahead.  

On February 2nd, many of the famous meteorologist groundhogs predicted an early spring, including the infamous Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck.  They’ve been right before, but even the groundhogs couldn’t predict how many flights in the northeast would be cancelled in the midst of the snowy weather.  Old man Winter gave us one of the biggest PR hits suffered this season when hundreds of JetBlue passengers were stranded on runways for up to nine hours!

The problems of winter didn’t end there.

Just when you thought the 2007 MLB season would get underway without any problems, we had snow in April!  Many games were delayed, postponed, and the Cleveland Indians were even forced to play one of their home series’ in Milwaukee!  When one thinks of baseball, warm weather almost always comes to mind, I don’t think anyone could have predicted that.  Add to that, the sight of baseball players wearing hooded sweatshirts under their jerseys isn’t usually seen until October.      

Was this to be considered spring?  Drops of snow mixed with rain, sleet and whatever else Mother Nature throws at us?  Or is the frozen dragon’s breath you exhale upon starting up your car in the morning?  Not to mention the frozen front yards, mixed with the sloppy puddles on the streets.  I’ve never waited so long in packing up my sweaters, gloves and scarves.

But by now your eyes are most likely blinded because you’ve been in awe of how beautiful nature and the sun can be.  The sight of seeing the neighborhood children playing in the street after being cooped up in their houses only adds to the picture.  You and perhaps your neighbors will once reopen their pools as the snow and rain have finally evaporated.  Yard sales and craft shows will reappear as they do every year.  Memorial Day is right around the corner, families will be reuniting, graduation caps will be hoisted into the air and George Foreman grills will be put away.  It’s no use anymore, its time to fire up that charcoal grill of yours and cook.    

Above all else, things will be healthy again.  If something in your brain clicked when I mentioned baseball then go to a ballgame.  There is a homerun chase happening as we speak.  Or in these upcoming days, take a seat on the grass and read a book.  If you aren’t a reader (you are because you’re reading this) take a seat on the grass anyway, its not frozen anymore.  If you don’t like to sit, then go for a jog downtown.  If you answered none of the above to the following suggestions, then love someone!  Spring is in full bloom and love is back in the air.  If you still have answered none of the above, all hope is lost!  Move to the Northpole and live with the Claus'.  This is a story of hope and inspiration.  It rained in the month of March daily, don’t let it rain on our springtime parades any longer.  The weather is healthy again so we should go along with it.  So until we hit the endless complaints on the dog days of summer, enjoy the comfortable weather of spring while you can.