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Published:May 31st, 2007 04:30 EST
War is Still the Flavor of the Month

War is Still the Flavor of the Month

By SOP newswire

Why would anyone volunteer to help with a hurricane when the government is letting the FAA break the homeland security act of 2002 and presidential directives 7 & 8 along with the National Infrastructure Preparedness Plan.

What business would put their backup system 1.5 nautical miles from their main system? The Federal Government.

If this is their idea of a backup plan we are all in deep deep trouble, but this is what is happening in South Florida .

Placing all south Florida radar in one place is not the smartest think I have heard but then that is the FAA.

Please make sure that they are not doing this in your area. Consolidation of TRACON's is not the problem here. Where they want to locate it is the problem.

Lets put it all in Miami 1.5 nautical miles form the backup system and 6 nautical miles from the port of Miami. Great Idea!

Check out my site with all the information and documentation

Hope C. Gramlich

 4756 N.W. 72nd Place

Coconut Creek, Fl. 33073