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Published:November 13th, 2007 04:02 EST
Rabbi Urges Georgia Governor Perdue to Include Condemnation of Immorality in Prayer for Rain

Rabbi Urges Georgia Governor Perdue to Include Condemnation of Immorality in Prayer for Rain

By SOP newswire

Rabbi Yehuda Levin, whose prayer for rain in Columbia SC on August 7, 1986, was followed by four days of rain. (See documentation by visiting our web site came to Atlanta and prayed for rained at the Goldome Capital Building on November 7, 2007. (To view the video slide program and prayer click here.

Around the time of Rabbi Levin's prayer Governor Perdue announced he (too) would be holding an ecumenical service at the same location on Tuesday November 12. Rabbi Levin who is an emissary of over 1000 Rabbis of the Rabbinical Alliance of America and The Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the U.S. and Canada issued the following statements: We are very encouraged by Governor Perdue's continuation of praying for rain. According to the Jewish tradition such prayer was often accompanied by fasting, but more importantly by introspection repentance and a commitment to better ones ways. Thus to make our prayers truly effective and end this drought and various "natural" disasters, we call upon the Governor and religious leaders statewide and nationally to specifically condemn the immoral movements that surely cause Divine displeasures and harm our country and youth physically and spiritually:

A- Abortion on demand, eliminating millions of pre - born incense causes G-d to weep according to a source in the Kabbalah.
B- Homosexuality & Homosexual marriage were the final societal breakdowns which brought about the flood of Noah and the destruction of Sodom (hence the name sodomy) according the ancient midrashic text.

C- Pornography which robs innocence of our youth & destroys families is prohibited by the Torah (Bible): "AND DO NOT STRAY (EXPLORE) AFTER YOUR HEART AND AFTER YOUR EYES WHICH YOU LUST AFTER THEM" (numbers 15:39).

The Bible states "Beware lest your heart be seduced & turn astray serving gods of others and bow to them. Then the wrath of G-D will blaze against you, He will restrain the heaven so there will be no rain & the ground will not yield its produce... (Deuteronomy 11:15, 16)". Serving the "gods" of lust, pornography, homosexuality & abortion can prevent rain! G-d takes note of the rejection of his mandate to reproduce: "Male & Female he created them... & G-d said (to them) be fruitful & multiply" (Genesis 1:27, 28). He similarly notes the corruption of his marriage commandment: Therefore a man shall leave his father & mother & cling to his wife & they shall become one flesh (Genesis 2:24)

The common denominator of the aforementioned immoral movements is that they encourage lust, sterility and bareness. Measure for measure G-d makes His earth scorched, sterile and barren. We call upon all religious leaders, broadcasters and conservative G-d fearing talk show hosts to raise the issue of prayer coupled with condemning immorality. Now is the time to challenge the Atlanta talk show hosts and others who scoff at the efficacy of prayer. "One scoffer can undo one hundred chastisements." G-d built into His Creation that everyone of us can be a "DroughtStopper", as it states in Genesis 2:5 according to Talmudic exegesis "... for G-d had not sent rain upon the earth as there was no man to work (i.e. worship for the benefit of watering) the soil". All we have to do is pray that G-d Reign Over Us!

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