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Published:December 7th, 2009 11:19 EST
Is Global Warming Really Occuring?

Is Global Warming Really Occuring?

By Subash Lamichhane

When we compare the past and the present lifestyle we are living and what our parents lived, we can find many differences. Today, the world is full of materials, and as a new day begins there is something new in technology, science, space or nature. We are being occupied with pleasures and material things.

The first effect of the materials we are possessing and the way we are living is being widely seen all around the world. Our earth is warming up in an alarming rate and the consequences are increasing each day. Global warming is the condition in which our earth is being heated up due to the green house effects. Global warming is a phenomenon with a number of effects on the global level, including changes in the atmosphere and the economical environmental, as well as the health life of human beings. "

The consequence of Global warming is being seen widely all over the world. One of the most serious effects of Global warming that humans have to think more about what the effects are on the health of individuals, nations-- and therefore civilization.

The increase in temperature due to the warming of the Earth stimulates various kinds of viral diseases like the west nile virus and malaria. The good environment for humans and other species is declining, while it is being productive for certain viruses, bacteria and Fungi. This will result in economic as well as health effects on people.

For example, Global warming will increase the incidence of such diseases in poorer countries where these diseases exist. Global warming causes a drastic rise in temperature, leading to an increase in the mortality rate of people. A higher temperature causes difficulties for people with cardiovascular problems. In extreme, cases people are known to have died of heatstroke.

High temperature also causes the concentration of ozone in the lower atmosphere to alter. Ozone is a harmful pollutant and causes respiratory problems, and is also known to damage lung tissues and cause more complications for people with asthma.  Experiments have showed that poison ivy growing in CO2-rich environment grew about three times larger than normal and produced significantly more urushiol-- the allergenic substance that causes rashes. The number of fungal infection is also increasing in an alarming rate. Global warming is causing hazardous impact on the human health.

Global warming is causing drastic climatic changes. The atmosphere we breathe today is chemically different from that breathed by our ancestors throughout the entire evolutionary history of human race. Carbon dioxide is accumulating in the atmosphere twice as fast as natural processes can remove it. Carbon concentrations in the atmosphere are now higher than they have been for last 420,000 years and probably the last 20 million years.

The 1990s were the warmest decade since the records began and are likely to have been the warmest for the last thousand years and probably longer. The top five warmest years ever recorded almost run in sequence: 1998 was the warmest followed by 2002, 2001, 1997 and 1995.

Our planet is heating up rapidly, and the rate of warming is accelerating. Computer model projections of climate change over the next century indicate that the speed and scale of warming could quickly become catastrophic. The intergovernmental panel on climate change has outlined a range of scenarios which predict a temperature rise of between 1.4 and 5.8 degree centigrade.

Many of the resulting impact are predictable, such as the eventual melting of the ice caps, accompanied by an accelerating rate of sea level rise. According to the IPCC, hurricanes will probably get stronger, and the intensity of floods and droughts will increase, too. Tropical diseases will spread towards the poles and billions of people will begin to lose their water supplies.

Another indicator of increased warming is the retreat of glaciers across western North America. This troubling phenomenon is especially noticeable in the Wateron-Glacier park complex on the US-Canada border. Several major glaciers there have shrunk by half or more in the recent decades. On the US side of the border, the number of glaciers in Glacier National Park has dropped from 150 in 1850 to 35 today.

Global warming also has made a very bad impact upon the wildlife and the ecosystem. Wildlife is also feeling the heat. A 2004 study by the wildlife society, a 9000 member group of wildlife professionals found that global warming is affecting many North American species and could cause major shift in ecosystem.

The group concluded that caribou, polar bears, migratory songbirds and other species have already responded to climate change by shifting habitat, altering their breeding patterns or changing their migration routes. Much of the Amazon forest is being destroyed and it is not only fueling the global warming, but also had forced so many species of animals and plants to extinction.

Another proof of Global warming is the decrease in the amount of water in the Amazon River, and its continuously changing course. The ocean current is also changing their direction, as the ocean water is being heated up unusually. All these phenomena are making a great impact upon the wildlife, plant species and entire ecosystem.

Global warming has brought fort great economic devastation. It is having huge impact upon agricultural production. Most of the countries are suffering from droughts, while other are suffering from flood... and either way the agricultural crops are facing the impact. Dismay in that the producers of England`s maple syrup report seeing global warming`s effect on their seasonal harvesting cycles. Farmers are tapping their trees a month earlier than their ancestors did, and some fear that global warming will eventually reduce the tree`s ability to produce the high quality sap.

Many countries which depend upon tourists as their main source of national income are having a crisis due to the unfavorable weather conditions and decline in number of tourists. Some ski resorts in Pacific Northwest blame global warming for the warm weather that shut down 2004-2005 season before it even began. The loss of sandy beaches due to climate aggravated sea level rises is also troubling and the problem is accelerating.

The stronger storms like Hurricane Katrina in recent years may be partially explained by global warming. Researchers have found that both the intensity and number of category 4 and 5 storms have greatly increased in past 35 years and have linked that phenomenon to warming ocean temperature.

The effect of Global warming is widely seen as every countries around the world have in some way have felt its effect and the consequence of global warming is still increasing. Unless some serious steps are taken forward and on an individual basis, it will be very hard to stop our planet from warming up and letting every thing be destroyed in that heat.

There are thousands of proofs already all around the world; some are so huge that they have provoked and challenged the human existence and even entire ecosystem. The world should take measure and not wait too long before things will get so serious it will be impossible to stop.