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Published:February 11th, 2010 16:31 EST

Iranians Miss the Snowman

By Suren Hossein


While East Coasters are trying to dig out from under as much as two feet of snow, this year the snow is nonexistent in Tehran, Iran.  Many Iranians long for the snow and wish they could build a snowman.   
Climate warming is very serious for the world especially for Iran, whereas it is a hot country which also suffers from lack of water. The Iranians need water to farm, however, the lack of snowfall this winter will be a big problem for them whose life depends on agriculture.
It is one month to Nowruz (Iranian New Year in spring), the middle-east country is due for a big treat. They should expect lots of hot days.
Global surface temperatures have increased 0.74 ± 0.18 °C (1.33 ± 0.32 °F) since the start and the end of the 20th century and in the meantime various governments have failed to reach an agreement to solve the problem while in session in Copenhagen in December 2009.
I can envision a baby polar bear asking its parents, "What we should do?" and they shrug their shoulders longing for the return on the glaciers and the icebergs.  
I compare myself to the baby and shout: help me, save me. My dream is just to build a snowman and that`s all.