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Published:February 14th, 2010 10:56 EST
Snow Ball Fights in 49 States

Snow Ball Fights in 49 States

By Ron G Anselm


     A record weather system dumped snow on 49 states all on the same day. Friday was a mark in meteorology history that had cold enough temperatures to have multiple weather systems dust snow on the ground in every state but Hawaii.

     Maybe we are seeing the effects or even future trends of global warming because lately there has been some weird weather in many parts of the world. Canada is having to make snow to be able to hold the Winter Olympics and we in this country are having to bundle up and brave the frigid weather in some areas and some people are having to learn to drive in snow since they have never had to worry about doing that before. Looks to be a little backwards.

     In the last two-years here in Alabama, it has snowed more in the winter months and has seen record low temperatures in the single digits than ever in weather history in this state and most people that have never been out of Alabama probably didn`t even know what the white stuff was that was falling from the sky and accumulating on the ground on Friday. Lots of them from this state have never seen snow before.

     Friday was a good indication that something different is taking shape in weather. In the regional area from Louisiana to Georgia, people were stocking up on supplies and small Mom and Pop stores were running out of snow supplies. Even Wal-Mart`s normally stock shelves took shape like a ghost town in some areas in the South since they could not keep up with the demand for emergency supplies since these supplies were being bought up faster than the forecasted inventory amounts could hold.

     When the state of Florida gets snow, then we can surely say that the weather patterns, especially for this winter are completely out of whack. Century, Florida had a moment of snow that lasted for ten minutes Friday. Some kids were able to scrape enough snow from cars and the ground to make their first snow ball.

     We have also seen the record snow fall in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore that covered cars completely and turned skyscrapers into white pillars with the volume of snow that recently fell there. I lived in Baltimore for four years in the past and the recent snow that city had was the most I had ever heard of that city having at one time and in one season. We used to get snow in the winter but not that much all at the same time.

     Most Meteorologists are saying this different weather pattern and the record snows are being produced by the El Nino weather effect coupled with the Arctic air pattern. So, this hypothesis does make sense because what an El Nino effect does in to throw more moisture in the deep Southern states which normally results in rain and liquid precipitation in the South not frozen precipitation. Lately, in the Deep South, there has been frigid Arctic air covering the region for most of the winter which has resulted in more snow.

     I think more people that have never seen snow before are learning how to make and throw a snow ball and even learning what a pair of skis is for. It`s probably a good thing to have this much snow fall in this many states because now people can take up new and fun hobbies like snowboarding, skiing, and snow man making 101.