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Published:April 22nd, 2010 18:51 EST
Mayan Calendar Incorrect? 2011 is the Year to Worry About

Mayan Calendar Incorrect? 2011 is the Year to Worry About

By Tony Graff

I enjoyed the movie 2012, the graphics were cool, and all the destruction was pretty epic. Then I happened to stumble upon reports that are saying 2011 is the year that big things are going down. Not as big as the movie or the Mayan calendar predicted, but enough that next year may be classified by the destruction. says that the Sun is going to be fifty percent stronger than other years. This means that we should expect geomagnetic storms, and a greater chance for earthquakes. Add to that hot recipe a magma bomb hiding under Mount Vesuvius, and we can expect some destructive fireworks.


Some are translating this to biblical prophecies of destruction, others are seeking safer homes to live in. There`s even a prediction that the global economy will collapse as these events unfold. 


The reason the calendar of the Ancient Mayans ended their calendar then still isn`t quite clear. Some believe all the destruction prophecies, others think the calendar will reset itself, like an odometer when the numbers reach 9, and simply go back to zero. Regardless of the reasons or prophecies or doom pronounced, the year 2011 is going to be one to watch... if you aren`t living in Pompeii.