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Published:July 9th, 2008 23:39 EST
McCain for President . . . I am confused, are you?

McCain for President . . . I am confused, are you?

By Will Roberts

I am confused and the unity tour is in full swing, BUT the question that is on the lips of all who report this tour of duty is: Can Obama get ALL of Clinton`s supporters?


Some, are standing in the wings waiting for Obama to say something that convinces them he is a true Democrat, and not just twisting Hillary`s arm to make her say UNCLE! And the other Hillary dem-utantes are just running to McCain because they won`t believe what Obama says even if Hillary repeats it.


Here is where I am confused: No matter what you do to McCain or what he says, he will never be a Democrat. When your choice came to choose a party (you support) you flipped a coin, Heads: Democrat, Tails: Republican, the only folks that can be undecided is the independent, their coin is still in the air. Can a voter be a FLIP FLOPPER? 


It looks like we might have a problem with one of the candidates in the presidential campaign. It seems that we are back on the fact that Obama`s middle name keeps coming into play, Hussein.


When I travel I talk to a lot of folks and that middle name comes up all the time, Hussein. I can only guess it is because it is not as common as: Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, or Jesus (HAY-SUES) for that matter, I`m not sure.


In this day and age you have to acknowledge that anyone using a name like Hussein makes you pretty brave, trying to run for president with that name, makes you Insane. So, in protest to throw off any attention to Obama`s middle name I am adopting "Hussein" as my middle name. At least until Hussein becomes so common place that our country and the politicians focus on the issues and not the candidate`s name. Tomorrow, I might just launch into: John Sidney McCain: Sidney, like Australia? Hmmmm, maybe there is something there.  



Normally when you think of the faith based party, you think Republican, RIGHT? However, Obama is taking a shot at uniting his Democratic and Republican fan base, through belief in the Almighty Obama campaign and that other guy, God. I suspect as we get closer to November he will come out with a plan that has congress adding one more day to "Creation" and eighth day, to get back in there and fix things up. He is trying to do this without stepping on toes or parting the Republican Red Sea.  At this point he is just standing in the middle of the isle and stating, Democrats can have faith too, so believe in us!" 


If Obama keeps preaching this faith message and stepping to the center, this might just be the snapshot of the Democratic convention in Denver 


Today is a great day for Americans no matter how you look at it. A little BBQ, a little family, a day off, and a whole lot of freedom. It does surprise me though that we really only celebrate our freedom on days like this. If you ever take for granted your freedom, I have an exercise that will help you get back on track: Go to a local book store and pick up a few newspapers from other countries, take a look at them and then thank your lucky STARS and STRIPES.


We may not always agree, but we do agree in the United States of America that we can disagree and live another day.  


Happy 4th to you all...  and pass that on