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Published:September 2nd, 2008 13:30 EST
Obama Supporters Ready to Support Folks Put Out By Gustav!

Obama Supporters Ready to Support Folks Put Out By Gustav!

By Will Roberts

Today`s comments I did not schedule on the books, meaning that because it is Labor Day I should be relaxing somewhere instead of writing this. However, with the current state of affairs in the Gulf Coast, I wish I had a way of going there myself and bring the three things I have an abundance of; Hope, Help, and Humor.

In the coming days it will be increasingly important for all of us Americans to focus our help and energy to the folks in these devastated areas of the country. When I say ALL of our focus, I mean ALL, any resources we have should go to show these folks that our country, no matter what shape it may be on the outside, inside we have a heart of Red, White and Blue.

I know when the Republicans see my comments for today they will be upset. Mainly because it will draw attention away from the big party they are having in MN. I normally would not miss a chance to take a couple of stabs at the politicians, especially after Friday`s announcement. But what is good for the goose (Politicians) is good for the gander (ME). So I must focus as well all my energy into convincing Mother Nature to just scold the Gulf coast and not really punish um.

They have had enough and the Republicans well they will just have to sit back and wait for the storm to clear. Mark my words, if they can blame the storm on the Democrats they will. Two weeks ago, I was in New Orleans for a show and while I was there I decided to shoot one of my PBS TV segments about Katrina. Now with Gustav (Katrina 2 the sequel) pounding at their door again. I leave you with my comments I wrote the day I was leaving the 9th Ward in New Orleans.

I bring your attention to what Mr. Obama said. He stated that any of his supporters would be willing, once all has cleared, to help in anyway they can. Funny thing is he must be physic as well as a good leader. The minute this all happened, that was the first thing I was thinking, Obama supporters love to support. If you are a McCain supporter, you will have to wait until McCain tells you what your next step is.

Good Luck to all of you in Texas, and the Gulf coast cities.

***** Aug 14, 2008: New Orleans: I can`t image what New Orleans looked like right after Katrina hit. I know the news showed us over and over the devastation of what Mother Nature could do. But being here or any disaster area is a whole lot different than seeing it second hand. What I think blows me away the most is that there are still areas that folks are, to this date, living in. not in a RV parked next to, but living in. The conditions are well, unlivable.

I did however notice that the areas that are most improved are the areas with more money, you know better real estate value. Not the poor areas. Which seems backwards, doesn`t it. Should we not help the folks that can`t afford to help themselves FIRST then get to the folks who have a little more money? Maybe it is because the people with more money have a bigger voice or maybe it is because the poor aren`t crying load enough. I remember writing a story right after Katrina about how Bush senior and Bill Clinton did a fundraiser to fix up the supper dome.

Millions of dollars were raised in the snap of a football. Don`t get me wrong, reconstruction is happening. But not at the speed it should be. Our people should always be first ... and our sports acts come after we meet our needs.  Leisure should always be somewhere down at the bottom, not the reverse. After what I saw in New Orleans, the act our government is pulling is a criminal one.

Will Roberts is a trick roper and cowboy humorist, who pays tribute to Will Rogers, America`s cowboy, with a wit as quick as his rope. See Will`s latest video story at