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Published:October 1st, 2008 19:48 EST
Bailout Bill is Congress`s 3 a.m. Wake Up Call, Answer It! Says Humorist Will Roberts

Bailout Bill is Congress`s 3 a.m. Wake Up Call, Answer It! Says Humorist Will Roberts

By Will Roberts

It`s 10 o`clock; do you know where your money is? I don`t! Boy oh Boy this cowboy is getting a little upset by the actions or lack of action our politicians are not taken on our money these last few weeks. When I say OUR money I mean the folks that can sit down at there dining room table during a day and count the money they have in one sitting, not the folks that need a scoop shovel to count with.

I watch the news program "Market Wrap" and now with confidence levels being as low if not lower than the president`s approval rating the program should be called "Market Trap!" You hear tons of commercials with these credit conjures about fixing my credit and getting me a loan and I think . . . #1. That company has a lot more nerve than they have available funds for loans. And #2. Who believes any of these used cash salesmen anyway? I don`t.

You know the whole, its 3 a.m., the first response thing that politicians have been running on, or running into the ground lately. Who will be there when Americans need them the most, when they are sleeping on not holding their firearms while they sleep. This they call accountability, and it is not just a slogan, it is what we have demanded that our leaders have as a skill for this job we are about to fill.

It is the key component that is missing with Wall Streeters and all the other big money boys. Now, it turns out that congress is making us wait two more days to come back into session. They are taking days off at the worst time in history. This is not the time to "Go fishing", the phone has been ringing for the last 3 weeks and they keep saying "I`ll get it, No I`ll get it," but no one`s getting it.

ANSWER THE PHONE CONGRESS! We have to pressure these government folks to get this country back on track. Congress is too busy texting each other like gossip girl blaming opposite parties while this train is heading toward a full head on wreck.

Contact your local government, your state; as far as we need to walk, we walk to let them know they need to run. This is more important than any five things in our lifetime. It could define our future happiness and . . . well, everything we do or have for us and our families. But on the same end of this double sided coin worth just what it is, nothing a fake. We, Us Americans have to be responsible as well.

I was at the Dallas airport yesterday coming back from a show I had and as I sat at the bar watching CNN news, (because the gate I was at had "One life to live" playing). I was watching the single biggest drop in the market in history.

This is BIG NEWS and this bar had Three TV`s and two were showing this news and one was showing ESPN. Take a guess where most of the 15 people in the bar were watching, . . . sports. I noticed this all around the country when I travel. Folks not having much interested in what is happening in our government and our country. Folks don`t know what they are voting for but they can tell you what is happening with there favorite sports teams and rightfully so, at least the players show up and get the job done.

However, now is the time that Americans need to act like Americans. Become involved folks . . . "NOW is the time for all good men OR women to come to the aid of their country." You remember I used this phrase in one of my comments last week. It is that time now. Ask questions, demand answers, but remain calm and don`t become angry, be involved.

Will Roberts is a trick roper and cowboy humorist, who pays tribute to Will Rogers, America`s cowboy, with a wit as quick as his rope. See Will`s latest video story at

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