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Published:November 5th, 2008 09:57 EST
Did you vote Obama?

Did you vote Obama?

By Will Roberts

Comment on story:Voting for Obama NOT an Option for Real Americans

Wow, here I am in my own backyard, by that I mean a certain news website that I write for and love and appreciate and I see this story (op-ed) about Obama and how he is a baaaadd man. I looked at the date thinking that maybe it was from 2007 or maybe from Hillary Clinton back when she was running against Obama. Because the only person that still has misinformation about Obama is McCain and Palin. Then I looked at who wrote it and come to find out it is a writer that I look up to as a fellow writer. A humorist himself, a person that I must spend a little time with to see where he gets his info from. I will leave names out to protect the ignorance.

I will however post below what was said and add in a few of my own thoughts. But before I do, let`s clear the air.

Qualified and Patriotic are two words that I am sure when a person becomes a senator become words they live by everyday. Not to mention that to call a senator of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA a terrorist and not patriotic would be on my boat, TREASON. Punishable by death in the old days and still to this day allowed in some uncivilized countries. However, because we Americans try to be civil, most of the time I will only punish this person with my wit.

Here we go:

Here is what was written and my comments.

1. Has no experience or accomplishments to his credit.

Day after election headlines: McCain WINS election, faints from the stress and DIES! Palin steps in as NEW President of the United States of America! LETS GO SHOPPING!

Obama had two years for us to run him in and over everything. He had debates with the most powerful political figures in the world and he pulled ahead of the field and now leads it.

I ... I feel that both candidates are qualified for this post. However, I also have written that IF Obama does not get the presidency we will most likely lose all voters from 30 years old and back. I know I did not think it mattered when I was that age. We always vote and 5 years later say "WHY did I vote for that person." Lesser of two evils, but Obama possess something that most don`t, a way of making at least 65% based on polls. 65% of Americans that are willing to finally take responsibility and take action to make this country better. The way the Republicans are running this campaign it does not matter who gets in, folks will not like either candidate as President. We MUST stand together, side by side. Not in back of folks talking about others. It is time to start acting like we care. I am not saying, vote for Obama because he is cool or he is a good speaker. As I stated earlier, vote for him because we need everyone to change, not just our President.

2. Believes that bankrupting industry is a legitimate function of government.

I am assuming that you would be a person with a life full of good luck, maybe a little money in your family, and maybe a metal spoon in your mouth. I won`t assume it is silver or gold, just that it is metal. But folks like me grew up with a broken plastic spoon we picked up off the ground.

If you have ever been wondering how to eat or pay the rent, you learn one thing. The more money you have the luckier you are. I don`t think that folks buying homes or cars or whatever, that they can not afford is responsible. But by the same respects, Jack bought a few beans because his family was hungry. If he was not given the slick sales pitch on the magic part he probably would not have bought them. Thus his American dream bean stalk would have never grown.

What I am saying is; People should give people ways of having everything they want for there family. But if someone comes along and says they have magic beans, is it a crime that they believe they can have these beans even though them might not be able to make payments on them or is it a crime that the person who sold them the beans know they are not magic at all? People in this country buy lottery tickets all the time, hoping this will be their last day of work. They are looking for the most beautiful wife or husband or the best looking car that is just American. What is not American is selling folks bad luck and knowing it.

3. Believes that government should decide who has too much and who has too little wealth, and should be authorized to forcibly take assets from one citizen and give them to other citizens, to non-citizens, and even illegal aliens.

I bet you might be the type of person that does not help a person out on a street corner. Would you help them if you stopped and talked to them and found out that they served in Iraq and now they were not being taken care of by our goverment?

Always assume that people who need something because, well ... they need it. I am not saying give all you have away, but be understanding. Oh and check your family background when you get a chance and tell me what nationality you are? Did you start here in the USA, because if you did you`re a NATIVE AMERICAN?

4. He was wrong about the Surge in Iraq.

Wrong? It worked or is working? No offense but if I had a say so in the 10 billion a month being spent on this surge, I would ask for a DAILY; televised, in the newspapers, on the radio addresses telling us what our 10 billion was getting us. When was the last time Americans got any idea as to what was actually being done in Iraq? A year back before Bush was so low in the ratings, he tried to shovel us some bull about how troop deaths were down, and how Iraq was getting closer to having their own government and army in place. But we have heard nothing and you can`t count Fox News or any other right broken wing media that most folks don`t read. Folks need to know where there money and there sons and daughters have gone OR if they have gone that they know why.

5. History of associating with domestic terrorists, a racist pastor, Lewy Farrakhan, and corrupt business thugs.

I am assuming that you are one that has lived there life as a monk somewhere and you have never had bad people in your life. Do you really think that the way that all the big boys run this country that they would ever let a radical person run the country........? WAIT scrap that we had BUSH and Cheney and now we might have McCain.

6. Worked for ACORN and, as recently as this year, has given that voter-fraud group $800,000.00.

I don`t know enough of these to sound intelligent. But I will leave you to look up two things:

Charles Keating`s Law firm donates $50,000+ To McCain`s Campaign: Keating Five.
G. Gordon Liddy,0,6238795.column

7. Endorsed by the likes of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, the speaker of the Iranian parliament, and other avowed enemies of America.

Bush endorses John McCain for president - John McCain
Some think this is equal.

8. Is a Marxist with dubious documentation to support his claim to be an U.S. citizen?

Will`s Answer:

  • cial
  • ism
    1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.
    2 a: a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b: a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state.

    Now, based on this definition above from Webster`s, would that not mean that McCain voting for the government buying the bad debts and owning the banks is Socialism? Or is that just a favor and it will be paid back and Private folks will get the keys back to their banks, yeah right, that should work. It will only mean that one day soon that maybe they will change the bank name to "Bank of American Government".

    9. Used illegal drugs in his youth.

    IF you don`t consider alcohol a drug then maybe I should introduce you to my father, oh wait he died from alcoholism. See, it is MY belief that because someone tries drugs in their youth and pulls out of it and becomes an upstanding American citizen, it does not make them bad, and it gives them experience. Please tell me you have never tried alcohol, or answer this, do you or have you ever smoked cigarettes? Cause last time I checked, that was killing folks and causing them to make decisions based upon that habit; like my parents who bought several packs a day that could have been spent on food or education.

    10. Would meet unconditionally with terrorist sponsoring nations like Iran.

    This one really bothers me, and I will make it simple. I am a Cowboy, I have guns, I own seven real mechanical bulls, I rope, ride ... I think most folks who consider staying out of my way if I were mad. But I don`t get mad a lot and here is why:

    I talk to people to help them get over their anger. This is the quality of a human being that wants to work things (differences) out. The days of shoot first ask questions later only works in shootum up movies. THIS is one of the key components that I think we are missing in our world; TALK, COMMUNICATION. We have slipped into texting, emailing and blogging and thrown talking one on one away, I hope not for good. The statement Obama has made is not, I am sure meant that he would try all other avenues first and I am sure unlike Bush, he would talk with folks first. By the way, anybody, whether you are a cowboy or just the south side of Chicago knows that you walk tall and carry a big stick, not beat them with it first.

    11. Believes that terrorist groups like Hamas have "legitimate causes" and that U.S. policy is at least partially to blame for 9/11.

    We won`t get into conspiracy theories, because I don`t want them to come take me away in the middle of the night.

    To all who read this and now think I am a radical or a way left cowboy. I say to you, walk in my boots before you say or think what you think. I would spend my whole day with my worst enemy if I thought it would get me closer to understanding why they do what they do. I can only grow from that and become a better person. Scoff at that, but if you do then maybe you are the one that does not have faith in people, I do.

    We have a choice and I hope you all make the choice that makes your heart and not your head happy. Because remember, it is heart that made this country what it is. Dividing people did not have anything to do with making this country anything but DIVIDED. VOTE VOTE VOTE! If you don`t, you can`t complain for 4 more years.

    Your friend,
    Will Roberts

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