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Published:February 7th, 2009 15:12 EST
How Do We Know Michael Phelps Inhaled?

How Do We Know Michael Phelps Inhaled?

By Will Roberts

I`m not sure this is a topic that will win me any moral awards. However, this subject keeps coming up and every time it does I think, "Why does this subject keep coming up and why is it an issue?" This spark started in a pipe and now it is a career that is about to go up in smoke. Of course I am talking about Michael Phelps the Olympic star who is now probably tripping off the fact that he made a bad decision at a party and may wind up teaching kids how to swim at the local YMCA.

This is the part that gets tricky, the part where I may seem like I am defending a pot smoking sports celebrity. Let me make it clear that I do not play party to any use of drugs for anyone. I would even go as far to say that I don`t believe in all the drugs that they market on TV. The drugs that manufacturers have folks depending on to keep their symptoms at bay (and NOT curing them in most cases). A cure would put a lot of medical folks out of business

Drug companies are the true criminals, the world of the drug company pushers, these are the folks that should be on the front pages and revealed for what they are . . . pushers of hope, not a 23 year old swimmer that got caught smoking a bong. By the way, they do have a cure for most of the ailments that plague humans on this planet, it is called prevention, but that product puts to much power in the hands of sick folks and snatches it right from the drug companies of the world.

We have sports figures all over who have been jacked up on something for as long as I can remember. MOST of them did their drugs while they were playing the sport that say they love. In most cases even when caught they deny the use and go on to play and shake off the bad drug reputation. Mr. Phelps fessed up to his mistake and has made several apologies, which makes me believe that he has become paranoid, which is a side of smoking pot.

Are the folks who blamed Mr. Phelps living in a glass house? Or are they just denying their own drug use.

Back in the early 1900`s remember coke was made from "COKE", cocaine. Now, I understand that nowadays nothing is manufactured with habit forming drugs, wait other than, Starbucks, cigarettes, soft drinks, energy drinks. . . All of us at one time of our lives have been caught using one of the above drugs. Look in some of your old family photos and I am sure you might see yourself at a bar drinking a beer or smoking a cigarette or sitting at your kitchen table with a cigarette and a cup of coffee.

Folks, we had a world leader who said he smoked marijuana, but did not inhale and he became President of the United States. Then later at the end of his office term he led us to believe that he not only inhaled but he ate the joint. That is the only explanation for his immoral actions with Monica Lewinsky.

Lets look at all the good that Mr. Phelps has done. Focus on the discipline and how Phelps got where he is at as an Olympic gold medalist. I can tell you with the motivation and the shape that he is in, it might have been the only time Phelps took a hit. If you know anything about smoking pot you know that if he did do this habit often he would most likely be over weight (from the munchies) and not very motivated.

Now Mr. Phelps has been suspended for 3 months from swimming and is about to lose one of his sponsors: Wheaties. With a name like WHEATIES you really can`t tell me that someone in that company has not tried something in their day. The name just sounds too organic to be created by a marketing team of suits.

Again I don`t excuse Phelps` behavior but let`s find out who took the picture and the motive for selling it to the British rag, I bet that might be more of a story or maybe more of a crime.

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