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Published:August 14th, 2010 08:44 EST
"Stupid is what stupid does", That is Sharron Angle's ANGLE!

"Stupid is what stupid does", That is Sharron Angle's ANGLE!

By Will Roberts

Wow... anyone taking this woman seriously might just be from a Warner Bro cartoon. You know the guy that sees the girl across the street and his eye pop out of his head, cause mine have fallen out of my head. I live in NV and every time I see an ad spot from Angle, I think "WHAT IS her ANGLE?" She makes me feel like I am watching MacGyver and she is taking the least likely items in the bag to use to save us from the ticking bomb, ONLY she`s the bomb.

I understand that we are in Las Vegas and we are used to a long shot. However, electing her might be as useful as betting on a horse with no legs in quicksand!  I always find it hard when politicians on either side make assumption that they know how we feel, how we live, and how they can solve our problems, when most of them are too busy trying to cover their past (tracks) by throw money down on the campaign trail. 

I bet most of them use reality TV shows as research into their constituents.  Just so you know, I don`t know ANYONE named Snookie, or the Situation! So Politicians, stop acting like you have an insight on our lives. The movement lately has been to MOVE away from intelligent political leaders, "THE Elite". I want someone smarter than me running the country.

In the words of Forest Gump, "Stupid is what Stupid does " Once more think, STOP saying that Harry Reid caused all the unemployment in Nevada. IF this is true, can we blame him for the rest of the US as well? Or maybe we could think about blaming it on that little old FORECLOSER thing, or should we blame him on that as well?