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Published:September 27th, 2005 08:18 EST
Building the fashion of the XXI century

Building the fashion of the XXI century

By Ann Poludenko

Every century creates its own style.  To begin with, 150 000 B.C. it was already popular to hold yourself upright and always think over tomorrow.  The cleverest spend much of their time inventing different technical innovations " that was an honorable hobby for the peculiar people ".  Those who did not follow the fashion " were expelled from the tribes.

The most ancient commonwealth " Egypt, had its own popular trends.  All the people believed that if the bodies of the dead men were preserved, these men would live happily in the other world.  It was very popular among Egyptians to build houses for mummies " pyramids. 

Those were known as eternal homes, while the houses they lived in during their lifetime were called temporary ones.  Many people lived tjheir whole life in poverty, just to save money for their pyramids.  That was the demand of the fashion the year 2700 B.C. Then The Middle Ages created a new mode.

For example, the demand of the Teutons` society was to do well with weaponry.  They started to wear steel at early ages and gave it up only after death.  All of their traditions were connected with this fashion.  Even the bride prized her husband with spear before the wedding.

The late middle Ages formed new people`s preferences.  Now it was popular to study science, philosophy, and art.  The main task for the artist of this time was to show humanity its vices without humiliating the God`s creation ".  Most of the countries tried to reform their social order and abolish the serfdom " because their neighbors do so! "

The new times brought new trends.  Now to be the knight of a woman`s heart was fashionable.  To be cool those days meant to be bourgeois - to be busy with trades and producing goods.  Money became more popular, and not only that, but gold and possessions also.  To know banking and economy was honorable.  The richest women liked to dance a lot and to smarten themselves up.

The next period in the history of humanity demanded something new.  To know science was very important for every self-esteemed person.  In general, people tried to read a lot and to be aware in many fields of interest, because to be well educated become popular.  Among men appeared a new manner.  To sing serenades under the balconies of their beloved women, but the pick of craze was to be known as a conqueror of the married ladies` hearts ". 

Going farther, we find ourselves in the XXI century.  What we have to do now is recognize the fashion achievements of the previous centuries, accept the best of what they had, mix it with the good things that are popular now and create a new Fashion of the XXI century ".  Without health problems connected with drugs, cigarettes, and being overweight.  We have to form the mode to be healthy, and to be always responsible for everything we do.