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Published:November 21st, 2005 14:10 EST
Have a Heart for the Mute

Have a Heart for the Mute

By Noopur Shrivastav

The fox was crying, tears ran down his grim eyes and began to sink into its grey facial hair. The man beat him on the ground. His snout was bleeding, the tip was stained with dark blood and he cried for mercy. But he was to be sacrificed to create the equilibrium between supply and demand. He cried for mercy, begged for release, but was beaten time and again on the dusty ground. 
Soon, he turned powerless. His voice groaned in his throat, and tears streamed down his cheeks from his watery eyes. His blood obstructed the air he wanted to inhale, he set his jaws apart and he huffed every breath.  Soon the man lifted him from the ground and set his rear legs on a wooden block and cleaver chopped his hoof off the limb. Pain ran from the feet, to limb, to torso, a cry rose from his deep throat passed the long jaw and was lost in the day light. The blade of the cleaver fell on another limb. In a matter of minutes he was paralyzed.
Barbarity did not end there, he is a fox, his pelt looks good, and people love to wear it. So he has to part his hide off the muscle. After cutting off the hooves, the man ran a knife from one of his rear legs to another one opening up his rear torso. Blood profusely flew off the body and he was hung to a nail facing up side down. 
His bleeding torso was up in the air and the man’s hand pulled the skin from his limb, he cried in pain, jumped in air, and panted for life.  All efforts were vain in front of mighty hands. He pulled the furry skin off his rear, off the torso, neck and finally off his face. He scuffed in the air. The valuable pelt was away from his body. He was thrown aside, for the time being to die and later may be used for other uses, may be served on a platter or will be used in some cosmetics products. 
His skin was kept safe as he lied in a heap. His feet were cut and hide removed, he had faced brutality and barbarity, still he was not dead. He was alive. His pink muscles were painted in red blood. The skin was no where on his body; his face no longer had the same look. Sans the facial skin his jaws were unveiled, sharp canine row of teeth lined the jaw and were stained in red. Sparse and white they gave way to the air to reach the lung to keep it functioning. The eyes cried like before, tears wetted the thick, curly black lashes but they did not merged in fur any longer, the tears ran down his nose and onto his bare flesh. 
He was approaching death and was in acute pain. He groaned in pain, lifted his head from the heap where he was thrown and tried to stand up to get away from the place, to get rid of the pain. 
His head soon fell on the other side taking a 360 degree turn. He faded in pain and grief, and could not move any more. The gasping jaws and sparse teeth were silent, the muscles lay silent and soon he died, fighting his pain. Someone on this earth will wear an outfit made up of his hide unknown of this brutal story.
Winter is drawing close and soon the beautiful curves and the fins of masculine arms will be wrapped in thick clothes. The outfits, the sweaters, jackets and coats will talk about your personality. And this is the high time for fur clothes.

Mink and fox are the most popular animals sought for fur clothes and accessories. Apart from this, chinchillas, rabbits, bobcats, lynxes, and Finn raccoons are also liked for clothing.
The Hong Kong Trade Development Council said, today China is a major player in the fur industry and Hong Kong is world’s major source of quality fur garments and accessories. More than 830 companies are engaged in fur trade in Hong Kong. The fur market in Hong Kong saw a surge of 31% in the year 2004 and it slowed down by merely 1% in the first eight months of 2005.  Owing to the high production costs and strict environmental regulations in Hong Kong, the ferries have set up their production facilities in the Chinese mainland. The place has changed but the businesses flourish and the slaughter of animals continue unabated. 
Also, according to the provisions of Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) on October 18, 2005, a total of 21 categories of fur clothing, fur skin and artificial fur are enjoying duty-free access to the mainland China. And the CEPA provisions go onto including the fur of animals like mink, Astrakhan lambs, foxes, seals, rabbits are other wild animals that are slaughtered, and then skinned or salted.
Animals are slaughtered because there is a demand for the product across the globe. The European Union, the US and Japan are the main markets of Hong Kong’s fur clothes. They absorbed almost three quarters of Hong Kong’s fur clothes. According to the reports of Hong Kong Trade Development Council in the first eight months of 2005 export of fur to the EU grew by 11%, during the same period exports to US and Japan dropped by 15% and 4% respectively. 
According to the estimates of the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF), “the global retail sales of fur products reached US $11.7 billion in 2004, an increase if 2.8% from the previous year.  The EU, as a whole, is the largest market for fur garment with the retail sale s amounting to US $4.7 billion. Russia is estimated to be the largest single market if fur in the world with the yearly sales up to US $ 2.5 billion.” And there are new techniques employed to make fur lighter and suitable to modern demands.
Fur farming is strictly regulated in the EU countries, US and Canada. On the eastern side however, there are not strict rules to stop barbarity against the meek and mute animals. Greed drives poor men into inhuman deeds because they find animal as easy way to make money. They will not stop themselves until and unless we restrict the purchase of such clothes. A piece put on display or sported by the mannequins on the ramp cannot tell the onlookers if it has been made up of a naturally dead fox or the one that has been slaughtered cruelly and then the skin is ripped off. Now that it is no more a necessity, can’t restrict ourselves for the life of those who are being killed for our fashion.  Have a heart for them. And if you have the heart see the footage, they will tell the barbaric truth.