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Published:November 4th, 2009 14:48 EST
Nuclear Weapons are the Problem (Critique of a Column by Charley Reese)

Nuclear Weapons are the Problem (Critique of a Column by Charley Reese)

By Brandon Jennings

First and foremost, let it be known I am not a fan of the Bush Administration. But once again, I have been irritated to the point of sickness by a column written by a man who thinks he has it all figured out.

Claiming that the North Korean missile program poses no real threat to the United States sounds like a solid argument, if you don`t realize that the entire South Korea-North Korea Border has quite a large number of American soldiers on it.

Not too mention that any nuclear testing program poses a threat not only to the United States, but the world as a whole. Radiation doesn`t stop at the customs counter.

And to claim that Russia and China are the main threats we should be concerned with in the nuclear arena is absurdity. Where are most of our current problems? They lie in the Middle East, and Iran is cooking up a little nuclear recipe of their own, right next door to Iraq, another place where a large number of American troops are.

The argument that they wouldn`t be in danger if we hadn`t gone " is not acceptable at this point because it`s already happened. Dealing with decisions made in the past is what the present is. There is no flux capacitor from Doc Brown to take us back to change the past.

There is a strong case that containment worked to end the cold war, but was it the only force at work --of course not. There was no nuclear war because mutually assured destruction is a scary thing. Hating someone so much that you are willing to destroy your entire country just to destroy them is not a common idea.

Claiming that the Bush administration is full of liars, and arguing that they see the American people as a mass of unwashed peasants who are too dumb to understand what the elite is doing " is no new idea. Every politician has an agenda. That is part of the game. Merely stating this implies whoever is reading the column is an idiot. So by doing so, one becomes no better than those he criticizes. It doesn`t take an elitist to know people in power lie.

So stop oversimplifying things and omitting information in order to support your own viewpoint. It`s Rush Limbaugh-esque. People aren`t as dumb as you think either Mr. Reese. So perhaps you and the President should get together and discuss how alike you are. Though, I doubt two bull-headed speak before I think " types would get much accomplished. It`s difficult to have a discussion with someone when all you`re doing is yelling and ignoring anything your company has to say.

So remember that anyone who has a nuclear program is a threat to the entire world. That is why so many countries want to have nuclear weapons. It will help to level the playing field for them. And when a country gains nuclear weapon technology, they endanger the entire planet. Strikingly, the planet is something that the United States is a part of, this is a fact that Charley Reese and President Bush both either choose to ignore or fail to understand.