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Published:July 19th, 2006 19:44 EST
The Silence of Uranium and the Summits of the Millenium

The Silence of Uranium and the Summits of the Millenium

By Rasha Lamba

Alas! a religion for me (God almighty),
Is a kill for thee.
Monsters of death grabbing in-depth,
A creation of my own,
Will be vanishing and blown.

A participation and answer, a negotiation, a package of compromise and many more actions and appreciations of the United Nation Organization and other agencies failed to cool down the roaring Mr. Ahmadinejad sitting on the uranium huge, spreading in his actions the deadly heat of radiation, causing a chilled down spine to the most-most powerful of the governments around (as they call themselves). Well, in this difficult and cruel world, it seems that things are going very soft and in a flow, otherwise how could a country so little (Iran) suddenly have this huge collection of this deadly material(Uranium).

The G-8 summit this time is not going to get in a target as the issue standing in front of them because it is not about a profitable business with profiting only the so-called "Illegibles". This time the issue if mistaken will result in massive loss of life in this world. Well, if the G8's are combining with more intelligent governments then the created pressure could be more effective. This time the summit was held in a wrong place of a non-bending government and no questions of any results as Mr. Putin and his colleagues called the members of the G8 as the group of riches and afraid again of a role of democracy.

Riches, well of course, the Russian government does have many conservative allegations and they are going to follow them and about Mr. Putin. He has already secured and confident with his own type of richness of old and new hazardous weapons and army ailments like an iron shield. Despite, being welcomed by the G8 members, he is proudly adamant and a satisfied person sticking to his past and making definition of freedom in a Putin's way. Well, there is no question of escaping Mr. Ahmedinejad's project of demolition.

Well, it is about the riches "where they are not”. They are a very special group of people spreading all over the world making vast differences in the lifestyles of the equal and one human race but money making on the cost of human life is "dirty money”. But, in reality is this dirty money that is coming, growing and developing.  Simultaneously, the ammunitions are growing first revolver, a grenade, missiles, atom bombs and now hi-tech nuclear bombs making less space in this world for life. So, the curse of the dirty money is not only going to take the life of ordinary and poor but this time the riches also as Mr. very religious Ahmadinejad has still not found fair time and people in this world to talk. Maybe he had become speechless as his good advisors have made him so proud of what he is now.

Condoleezza Rice should not get very brave to walk alone and think that she will get a bell for the deaf and dumb cat. Welcome and call every of the officials and the governments around the world to have their advice that everyone of them wants a ban on terror and our half-minded soulless. Mr. Ahmadinejad should be banned intensely and acutely from his most useful resources. This time the good Arab leaders should combine to create new dimensions to solve the problem, calling back the rich sheikhs of Arabs from the luxuries in Vegas, to open their eyes, as this time silence will be very dangerous. We ordinarily always want a good from the high but have never got it. Let’s this millennium for all humans in an equal thoughts with an equal relief from terror. 

Source:  U.S. Dept. of State