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Published:August 1st, 2006 05:22 EST
Iraqi soldiers targeted by bomb attacks

Iraqi soldiers targeted by bomb attacks

By Andrew Chien

At least 20 Iraqi soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb attack between Tikrit and Baiji north of Baghdad.

In the Zyouna district of Baghdad, police said that a roadside bomb killed one person.   

A suicide bomber in Baghdad killed at least 10 people upon his quest to murder soldiers collecting their salaries from a bank.

Meanwhile, 90km north-east of the capital, the Iraqi security forces of Muqdadiya, were attacked as well.

At least seven people were killed and eight wounded as a result of a car bomb exploding. This explosion happened when a police patrol passed by in front of a hospital.

While on patrol, two police were killed and a third wounded by a roadside bomb in the northern oil city of Kirkuk.