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Published:November 5th, 2006 03:07 EST
 National Police complete Quick Look II

National Police complete Quick Look II

By SOP newswire

NUMINAYAH — Policemen of the 4th National Police Brigade graduated here from the second phase of the National Police Transformation Plan dubbed “Quick Look II,” a 21-day training course Friday. 


The program, ran by Multi-National Security Transition Corps – Iraq’s Civilian Police Assistance Training Team, re-affirmed basic police training principles as the policemen already completed boot camp and have been on the street in the Al Madaeen area of Baghdad for the past 20 months. 

The main thrust of the training emphasized human rights and democratic principles.

“We received training on how to treat people – on human rights and democracy,” said Iraqi Policeman Mohammed, a medic with the 4th brigade, with the help of an interpreter. “When we arrest someone, we respect them.” 

It was a theme repeated by his collegues.

“When we return to Baghdad, we respect the people and help the citizens,” stated Policeman Ishmael, with the help of an interpreter.

Ishmael spoke of his training and how the principles he learned can effect far reaching change in their community of peace officers and, subsequently, in the communities they serve. 

“When I return to work, I will talk to other policemen about human rights.” 

Brig. Gen. Amer, 4th Iraqi National Police Brigade commander, said the policemen received training on theoretical subjects, including human rights, investigating crimes and the installation and manning of security check points. He said officers and noncommissioned officers also learned lessons in the art of leadership. 

“We have taken theoretical lessons taught in the classroom and applied them to their practical training,” said Amer with the help of an interpreter. “They learned first and then they applied the principles by executing drills on a brigade level.”

The graduates also learned urban tactics, such as raids in urban terrain. They also learned to clear an area from anti-government militants, while protecting law-abiding citizens. 

“The program also taught weapons training and marksmanship with excellent results,” concluded Amer.

Only successful graduates of this course get the new Iraqi National Police uniforms.  Unique to the Iraqi National Police, it comes in digitized camouflaged colors of  blue, black and grey, with miniature Iraqi flags interspersed throughout the pattern. 

Mohammed said, “The new uniform clearly distinguishes us from civilians and the militias. I like it because it is unique to our branch of the service.”

The uniform’s pattern has a secondary purpose – it was designed to prevent unauthorized duplication. 

When asked what portion of the program he is most proud of, Amer answered, “the practical as well as the theoretical lessons. The fighter himself will execute the training.”