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Published:December 30th, 2006 14:16 EST
Situation in Burma Tom Casey, Deputy Spokesman

Situation in Burma Tom Casey, Deputy Spokesman

By SOP newswire

We remain concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian and political situation in Burma, which poses a threat to stability in the region. We believe the time has come for the Security Council to take action to express its deep concern about Burma and its strong support for the Secretary General's "good offices" mandate, which is intended to encourage the Burmese leadership to take concrete steps toward greater freedom and improved humanitarian conditions for the Burmese people.

The U.S. has proposed a Security Council resolution to achieve those objectives. The U.S. remains committed to pursuing this resolution as soon as possible in the new year.

The situation in Burma remains bleak. Violence against ethnic minorities continues, more than a million Burmese have been displaced internally or to neighboring countries, complaints of forced labor continue to emerge, narcotics continue to flow across borders, and the regime holds over 1,100 political prisoners in its custody, including Aung San Suu Kyi and other key civil society leaders.