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Published:May 9th, 2007 09:34 EST
Tomb of Herod the Great Discovered--  King Herod Found Missing

Tomb of Herod the Great Discovered-- King Herod Found Missing

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Professor Ehud Netzer, one of the world`s leading experts on the life of Jerusalem King Herod the Great, claims his team of archeologists has discovered the tomb of this man who once whimsically pronounced a fate of life or death to countless numbers of terrified people.  Historically, men of such limitless ambition, as was this Herod, are dubbed as being Great. "  Today, the world continues to embrace this misnomer.

Herod, you recall, was a powerful Jewish King who served by kissing Roman Rings.  It is this Herod who ordered the massacre of all Bethlehem-born male children, three years and younger.  He took this despicable tactic in order to snuff the life of Jesus when those wise men did not return with their report regarding this new King of the Jews.

Herod once begged Salome, his brother`s daughter, to dance for him, remember?  This was on a particularly stressful night because John, known as The Baptist, " had earlier called a spade a spade, detailing Herod`s adulterous relationship with his own brother`s wife, mother of the exotic young Salome.

To lighten the atmosphere and prevent this minor point from spoiling his party, Herod begged his niece to dance her dance for him.  She repeatedly declined.  In order to persuade her, he offered her anything she desired, up to half of his kingdom.

Salome danced.  Can you see this dance?  Her eyes must sparkle with anticipation.  Did she tease this Great man?  No doubt.  No doubt.  She likely lit the room with lust and longing.  When she finished, exhausted and wet with perspiration, she submitted her invoice, The head of John the Baptist. "

Herod, a man of his word, this Great man, conceded.  Silver tray included.

Herod was fond of building projects.  Along with the Wall in Old Jerusalem, he built himself Massada, fortress " in the Hebrew tongue.  What digs!  Nothing is too good for the Great.  Fortunately, this Palace Fortress was left for Jewish Freedom Fighters who, 100 years later, resisted the Romans for two years before the fortress fell.  Of course, the Romans found these Freedom Fighters and their families dead.  Murder, suicide.  Better options than slavery, it seems.  Today, this real estate serves as venue where, each year, Israeli Defense Forces swear their oath of allegiance, Massada shall never fall again! "

So where does this leave the Great?  Great ones of the 21st century may well consider this question with some consternation.  The Great Trump, Great Oprah, Great Gates massing wealth, fame and power.  Do they know what they have in common with Great Herod?  It is obvious, yes?

Herod`s tomb, if this proves true, contains a lovely sarcophagus, a coffin.  Grave robbers long ago claimed his dried bones.  Ashes to ashes; dust to dust.  No remnant of Great Herod.  What has been found, however, is this lovely box with floral motiff-- said to be very rare for its day.

Likewise, when 21st century Great Ones finish their days of hording, they like Great Herod, will also be placed in a very pretty box and this pretty box will be placed in the ground.  Even for Great Ones, "Life is a vapor that appears for a little while, then vanishes away."