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Published:June 29th, 2007 06:30 EST
Gas Rationing In Iran?

Gas Rationing In Iran?

By John Lillpop

While President Bush and like minded evil doers in the Unites States Senate work overtime to obviate the rule of law in order to appease 12-30 million illiterate and illegal toilet bowl cleaners, fruit pickers, and operators of leaf blowers, there ARE other news items worthy of mention.

One of the most uplifting stories comes from Tehran, Iran, where it is reported that because of limited refining capacity, the government has decided to ration the amount of gasoline available to private vehicles.

Limited refining capacity? Iran sits on some of the largest and most valuable oil reserves in the world, and cannot meet its own gasoline needs?

Sounds as though Iran is suffering from the same sort of myopic vision and self-defeating idiocy that Democrats have used to destroy energy independence in the U.S!

Since when have the likes of Al Gore, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid et al. managed to infiltrate and influence energy policy within the Iranian government?

Meanwhile, average Iranians do not appear amused by the gasoline rationing kerfuffel.

Armed with torches, stones, and other instruments of free speech in the Muslim world, irate Iranians took to the streets to express their displeasure generally, and with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad specifically. [ BBC ]

What a pity things are just not working out for Mahmoud.

Perhaps the goofy Islamofascist should abandon all that inflammatory rhetoric about destroying Israel, and concentrate instead on domestic issues more germane to Iran's economy and well being.

Like installing additional refining capacity, for heaven's sake.

Given America's illegal alien problem and Iran's refining capacity issue, why not pursue a "triangulated" solution, one that solves both problems simultaneously?

For instance, the U.S. could ship several million illegal aliens to Iran to work as refinery laborers. Give them Halliburton employee badges and tell them to report to Ahmadinejad for free health care, food stamps, housing, education, and welfare.

Tell the illegals that all conversations must be in Arabic, tacos and burritos have never been heard of, and displaying tattoos is a felony punishable by being stoned to death!

How about that for a "win-win," W? Think it might lead to a bit of attrition from the U.S. back to Mexico?

One thing is certain: It makes about as much sense as the foolish amnesty bill now before congress!

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal.

Iran youths demonstrate against fuel...