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Published:August 9th, 2007 01:04 EST
New Napali National Anthem

New Napali National Anthem

By Subash Lamichhane

The long waiting for the National Anthem is finally over as the government made the new National Anthem of Nepal public this Friday. The country did not have any National Anthem for nearly one and half years.

The new National Anthem of Nepal was written by Byakul Maila and its composer is Ambar Gurung, a genius Nepali Musician. This Friday, during the special occasion, the speaker of the parliament, Mr.Subash Nembang, made the new anthem of Nepal public.

The old National Anthem of Nepal was fully devoted to the praise of monarch and its institution. It didn’t speak anything for the general Nepalese. The April revolution which forced the absolute monarch to step down and cut its power also rejected the National Anthem that was only dedicated to king. The lyrics of the old National Anthem was so designed that it would make people feel that monarchy is the only way Nepal would remain unified.

The new National Anthem praises the people of Nepal. It glorifies being Nepali and it is much devoted to the Motherland. The song's title is “Saye Thunga Ful ka aautai mala Nepali.” It presents a beautiful picture of unified Nepal and it doesn’t present any connection to the monarchy institution of Nepal. It has praised the peoples revolution that restored democracy, and now peace is in Nepal. The anthem praises all Nepali  as being beautiful flowers and wish the success of Motherland.

Among 1,200 songs, this song by Byakul Maila was selected as the best song that immortalizes the victory of Nepali people. Though in some parts of Nepal there are some rebel groups fighting on. In Terai part of Nepal, the rebels are even talking to make Terai separate from the mainland Nepal. In such situation, this can be hoped from the new National Anthem: that it will bring all the Nepali together and ensure secure and unified Nepal forever.

The government should be responsible and should always try to heal the wounds that the country has suffered from the one decade-long civil war. There should come a time when all Nepali people will be proud of being Nepali. Though we are a small country between two large nations, India and China, our history is testimony that we have defeated these two nations trying to make Nepal as their part.

Nepal was united and it shall always be united. The government should be strong and should fulfill the needs of the people. Let no rebel group be born again in the name of casting out injustice and suppression. As the new National Anthem says, “Let us all be unified and create new Nepal that is prosperous.”

Nepal is the most beautiful country, and our Himalayas are the roof of the world. Nepal will be paradise if all Nepalese stay united.