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Published:August 30th, 2007 14:05 EST
Delivery of Russian Humanitarian Aid for Palestinians

Delivery of Russian Humanitarian Aid for Palestinians

By SOP newswire

By decision of the Government of the Russian Federation, two EMERCOM planes brought a large consignment of humanitarian aid for the Palestinians to Amman on August 29.  It is intended for the residents of the Gaza Strip.  Russia had responded to the PNA leadership’s appeal regarding the grave humanitarian situation there.  The aid comprises food and medicines, of which there is an acute need. 

Moscow presumes that the Palestinian population should not become hostage to the dangerous tension within and around the PNA.  It is the duty of the international community to help the Palestinians tide over this complicated phase, avert a socioeconomic collapse and a humanitarian catastrophe and facilitate restoring inter-Palestinian consensus.  The aid sent for the Palestinians is an additional contribution by Russia to collective efforts being made for this purpose.

We expect the concerned parties to help deliver the Russian humanitarian cargoes to those who now extremely need them as soon as possible.

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