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Published:September 10th, 2007 03:57 EST
U.K. Man jailed for murdering his mother

U.K. Man jailed for murdering his mother

By SOP newswire

Amato Wright has been sentenced to life for the murder of his mother.

He killed 71-year-old Maria Wright at her home on 16 March 2006.

Wright, who is a crack cocaine user, attended Kentish Town Police Station and told police that he had killed his mother.

He was arrested and officers subsequently attended his home in Harmood Street, NW1, and discovered the body of Maria.

Maria had been battered with a hammer, stabbed and strangled by Wright.

Wright then took her cash point card to gain money to purchase drugs before later handing himself in.

Detective Inspector John Reid said:

"Maria was a frail and vulnerable woman who had in her life been a hard working and devoted mother who cared deeply for her children. Her life was taken from her by her own son and in a most brutal and sustained attack, carried out in her own home, by the person who she had worked all her life to support."

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